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An Important IOU

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Don’t Underestimate Your Teacher!

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We Are Not Isolated

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“Nothing” Gained

Love in a Dollar

Tolerance Leads to Greatness

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Coffee on the Wall

Learn to be Happy

Relaxing and Catching Up

Gone with the Wind: The Story of a Great Classic

The Incalculable Value of Humanity

A Big Dream Can Benefit Millions

Three Sieves

The Story of “Four Candies”

Acts of Kindness Bear Fruit

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“Peace”-Or, How Slowing Down is the Key to Happiness

Giving Is Better Than Receiving

No Charge

The Happy Medium

“I’m sorry I stole your car. I was saving my family!”

Stop Trying to Fit in


The Power of Prayer

What Does BF Stand for?

The Jewish “Donkey Selling” Mentality

Deep Water Is Silent


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The One Who Saved Me is the One I Hate the Most!

The Difference Between Calculating and Logical Thinking

Don’t Be Hasty in Jumping to Conclusions

Kindness~ Not foolishness, but character

Crab Law


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