The Incalculable Value of Humanity

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A man named Kumar ordered a meal at the Sabrina restaurant in Kathmandu, India. He decided to sit by the window. When the meal was delivered, he saw two pairs of eyes on the other side of the window, staring at the food on his table. They belonged to two children who made a living by acting as garbage collectors. Kumar waved them in and asked them what they wanted to eat. The boy pointed to the dishes on Kumar’s table, so Kumar ordered two identical meals for them.

The hot dishes were served to the children, but before they could eat, the girl politely tugged on the hem of her elder brother’s clothes and said: “Maybe we should wash our hands first!” So they all washed their hands before quickly eating the food in front of them.

Although Kumar was happy to see that they were sated, he also realized that it had been a long time since they had eaten a good meal and felt distressed. The children got up after eating, thanked him politely, and left.

Kumar asked the waiter for the bill and saw that there was no charge listed on it, just a sentence that brought tears to Kumar’s eyes:
“Our cash registers cannot calculate the value of humanity.”

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印度一男子庫瑪(Kumar) 到加德滿都Sabrina飯店點了餐後,便選了靠窗的位置坐下,當餐點送到時,他看到窗外有兩道視線緊盯著自己桌上的美食………





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