After 35 Days of the Epidemic, I Saw the Reality of the World-1

This original article is in Chinese from I was moved to tears when I read these stories, so I translated into English to share with you. May God help us to fight and win this battle.

It has been 35 days since the government sealed the city of Wuhan and began to fight the epidemic. It’s been an unusual month, and many things have happened. Some left, others stayed. Some died, and others were healed. Some were flustered and anxious, while others stayed calm. Some were full of resentment, yet others risked their lives to help others. When I see footage from Wuhan on the news, I am touched by things that happen in this brand new world.  I genuinely feel that this is the reality. Today, I want to write down some small things about the events in Wuhan. Because here, I see the light of the world.



During special times, cleaners are afraid to come to work. But this time, cleaning had to be done. How, then, was it going to get done? The dean’s son took the position. The boy, who was still studying in America, worked hard as a cleaner for two weeks. He mopped the floor, disinfected, and wiped chairs. He did everything.

Strong youth makes a strong country. Every time I see such a child, I am reminded that tomorrow is full of hope.

I give the child the thumbs up. I’m going to give dean a thumb up too. There are no excellent children without good families.  An excellent education is to let children be able to enjoy blessing and take hardship. He can hold his head high and bend over. We can learn from both the dean and his son.


February 5. The heavy snow.

Dongying, Shandong.

The police, who had been busy all morning, began to have lunch. It was a shabby open-air lunch. There were no seats, and the “table” was the front cover of the police car. Snowflakes drifted disorderly into the box lunch. The hands and ears of the policemen turned red from the cold.

But no one was allowed to care much, because they had their task, and they had to eat quickly to return to work.

“When can we go out to eat hot pot ?” You may ask.  We are so fortunate to be able to sit at home and eat. It was the people who moved forward with heavy loads in the snow and ice who secured our peace at home.  Now, it is our responsibility to say “thank you”.

May the outbreak pass quickly, so they can return to their warm homes as soon as possible.


The epidemic was serious, and the young man was unable to return home for the New Year.

His neighbor, a Shanghai woman, saw that he had not gone out for several days. Fearing that he would run out of food, she took out some of her vegetables and put them in the hallway for him to take.

It is said that distant relatives are worse than close neighbors. That’s true. A kind and friendly neighbor is able to help out when it matters most. I would like to thank this lady. Though her deed was small, her kindness remains precious. She is a good role model. I hope that each of us in China deeply cherishes this same kindness for others.

Let kindness enlighten this problematic world.


In Wuhan, a father went to deliver supplies to his son, who was working on the front line.

When the son saw his father, he instinctively backed away from him and said, “don’t come near me. Put down your things and go.” The father put the things far away under a tree and turned away. The son turned his head away and cried. The mother in the car waved to him. “Take care, son!”

The mother said her heart broke when she saw her son back away. She held the child for 20 years, but suddenly, she could not even get close to him. 

Don’t feel bad, mom. He was old enough to fight. Today, he is not only your good son but also a good soldier of the country. Please cheer him on at a distance.

May he be fearless and return with a great victory.


There was also a young man, Wei Jia, 21 years old, who is an auxiliary police officer on the front line of the epidemic.

The task was so steep that he didn’t go home for the Spring Festival. At noon, he called his mother and said: “you rest assured, I am okay.” But when he hung up, he cried. While crying, he sat on the ground and began eating from a box lunch.

He stuffed a few mouthfuls of rice, wiped a few tears, and hurriedly took a small book to work.

At age 21, he is still a big kid. But his small shoulders carry the heavy burden of the country. Thank you, young man. When the battle is over, go home and let your mother make up a meal for you.

We permit you to remain a mother’s child.


Raincoat sister- the owner of the box lunch restaurant.

After the outbreak, she rushed from Chengdu to Wuhan, where she spent almost two days without sleep, sterilizing, checking, firing, and making free box lunches for medical staff. At first, there was no protective clothing. She wore a raincoat and ski goggles every day and drove to deliver meals. Her arrival allowed many of the doctors there, who normally ate instant noodles every day, to finally have a chance to taste a decent meal.

One day when she went to the hospital to deliver food, the doctors lined up to pick food. She asked a doctor what he wanted to eat. He said, “We don’t choose, we can eat anything. It is not common to have such a good box lunch. It will be gone in a few days.” On her way back, she cried as she drove, saying to herself, “I won’t go until the epidemic is over! The doctor worked hard to save people. We worked hard to cook! I don’t need a donation. I have plenty! I have been a low-key person in my life, and I am cautious, but on the issue of patriotism, I will never be low-key! Don’t ask me if I’m afraid or tired, I only know that we can fight the epidemic with one heart, we can work together to overcome difficulties!”


Someone asked her: “How long can you persist with this delivery?” She answered: “Ready to sell Ferrari at any time!” A netizen messaged her and said, “I’m from Hubei. I thank you!” She replied, “We are all one family facing an epidemic.” “Someone saw her video and gave her food. One master Zhou, who refused to say his full name, gave her a whole cart of various fresh vegetables. She thanked him with tears. Some medical staff secretly put a few boxes of milk in her car after taking the box lunch. Online, some said: “When the epidemic is over, let’s go burst her store. Let her move to a big house in Wuhan in 2021! “Love pushes love, and light begets brighter light.

When good people hold hands, spring should soon come.



































  • 医生努力救人,我们努力做饭!
  • 我不要捐款,我自己有!
  • 我一生低调做人,谨小慎微,但在爱国问题上我绝不低调!
  • 别问我怕不怕,累不累,我只知道同心一致抗疫情,团结一致才能渡难关!
  • 去你大爷的病毒,办它!




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