Love of the Sealed City (Wuhan)


The Wakanda coffee shop in the Optics Valley has not closed down since the closure of Wuhan. Seven employees volunteered to stay behind and delivered 500 cups of free coffee to the front-line medical staff of the region’s two hospitals every day for 20 days now.

Before the Spring Festival, the Chinese government declared Wuhan closed, and the Wakanda coffee bar closed seven locations across the city.

But the branch in Optical Valley made a choice to stay. Wuhan-3

In the past, this branch had a group of old customers who were medical staff of the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many of them were coffee enthusiasts who had to drink at least one cup every day. “We can’t help anything else, just let them drink a hot, professional cup of coffee every day.”

In the face of the new coronavirus, the global medical community has no solution, and people are trying to get out of the city, to run away. But the seven baristas didn’t feel like they were just little guys. Some had come back from other places to join the special operation.

One of them was even an Iranian. The handsome Iranian barista refused an Iranian evacuation plane and stayed in Wuhan to make coffee for medical staff.

Four baristas are on duty in the morning and deliver 300 cups to the traditional Chinese medicine hospital before 12 o ‘clock. Three baristas are on duty in the afternoon, providing 200 cups to the Huayuanshan courtyard area by 5 o’clock.

Five hundred cups of coffee a day gives momentary relief to the physically and mentally exhausted staff on the front line; it gives them a chance to remember that they are not all alone.Wuhan

At one point, after the scheduled coffee delivery, five medical staff members suddenly bowed to them. That moment, each other’s eyes were instantly blurred when the closure city was in distress.

Coffee is not a necessity for medical personnel. But now someone thought of the medical staff, with the hot coffee they had brought to the hospital, it warmed the staff’s tired and a bit of despaired hearts.

The small coffee team also has a message. They hand wrote the note on all of the cups of coffee with blessing words. There is no need for any poetry or eloquence, just “Wuhan cheering:” “Salute to you,” “It is good to have you,” and so on. The words may be broken, but the message is the same.

Wuhan cheers                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Wuhan cheers

The city may be sealed, but there is the presence of love.


















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