“Nothing” Gained


Someone once asked the Buddha: “What have you obtained through all of your years of practicing mindfulness?”

Buddha replied: “I have not obtained anything.”

The person said: “Then why do you still practice it?”

Buddha smiled and continued: “However, I can tell you what I have lost: I lost anger, worry, pessimism, and depression. I lost anxiety; I lost the three poisons of selfishness, greed, hatred, and ignorance.”

When people come into this world, only two certainties await them: life and death. Both of them happen quite naturally, so there is no need to worry about either.

1. As it is written on one tombstone: “I came here without being consulted and I leave without my consent.” Those who are born naturally arrive; those who should not enter this world will be barred from it, regardless of any pleas. Those who come are welcomed; those who go are bid farewell. Everything is decided by fate; let nature take its course.

2. A wise person never allows what others think of them to influence his or her actions. Know your own mind, understand your own nature, and act accordingly. Practice focusing only on the present moment. If you act against yourself, others will sense that you are not the genuine article and lose interest in you.

3. The greatest pain in life is when you do not fit in. Fortunately, if you have a good heart, you will have nothing to worry about. If you have a kind heart, you will have no one to hate; if you are carefree, all the troubles in the world will not touch you. To be a good person, you must be scrupulous, emotionally stable, and generally content. In order to do good deeds, just remember that you can keep God close to you while shunning evil spirits.

4. Real peace does not come from attempted meditation, but rather from being so at peace with the world that you can even hear the sound of flowers blooming. Sitting is also Zen; walking is also Zen. Accept fate and it will cease to trouble you.

5. Nothing in life can be possessed; it can only be experienced. We are just passengers on the train of time; one day, we will embark and say goodbye to everything forever.
Cherish what is in front of you; do not allow the past to trouble you, and embrace the future.
The original Chinese article is from https://ibook.idv.tw/enews/enews1351-1380/enews1363.html.


佛陀微笑: 不過我可以告訴你我失去的東西: 我失去憤怒、憂慮、悲觀和沮喪;失去焦慮不安;失去了自私自利和貪嗔痴 三毒; 失去了凡夫俗子的一切無知習氣障礙。
人來到這個世界上,只有兩件事, 生和死。一件事已經做完了,另一件你還急什麼呢?
3、人生最大的痛苦就是 心靈沒有歸屬,不管你知不知覺,承不承認。心存美好,則無可惱之事;心存善良,則無可恨之人;心若簡單,世間紛擾皆成空。做好人,身正心安魂夢穩;行善事,天知地鑒鬼神欽。
4、真正的 平靜 不是你靜坐可以幾個小時不起,而是用一顆平和的心態看人間萬象,聽花開的聲音。坐亦禪,行亦禪,緣起即滅,緣生已空。


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