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Henry Kissinger, the legendary statesman who helped shape modern geopolitics, has died at age 100. He seems to have been as surprised as anybody that he made it that far.
In his last TV interview, with Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner, the two touched briefly on the point.
“How did I live to be 100? I don’t know. I didn’t aim for it,” Kissinger told Döpfner.
How did he live to be 100 years old despite being sick and stressed?

Henry Kissinger was born on May 27, 1923. He graduated from Harvard University and won the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize.

His longevity was not a product of good health. He was hunched over, obese, and had a myriad of other health issues. He had five heart surgeries, was blind in his right eye, and wore hearing aids. His diet generally consisted of German sausages and Vienna schnitzel; his living habits included staying up late, drinking, and eating other fried food. He worked 15 hours a day, and his only hobby was playing chess, a stationary activity. He had a history of heart disease that went back more than 40 years. In February 1982, at the age of 58, he underwent three coronary artery bypass surgeries and then underwent angioplasty surgery in 2005.

On July 15, 2014, the 91-year-old underwent aortic valve replacement surgery at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. This surgery, for those who do not know, is a thoracic and cardiovascular surgery that uses an artificial valve to replace the original damaged or abnormal heart valve. He still lived to be 100 years old.

Can you believe that, when he was 100 years old, he could still take a flight of more than ten hours to Beijing for a business trip? When he arrived, he immediately threw himself into his work. He had a full schedule of activities and did not seem to be affected by the time difference or his age.

In addition to his other accomplishments, he served as the U.S. Secretary of State to Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. In 1971, Kissinger visited China as Nixon’s special envoy, making a historic contribution to building a good relationship between China and the United States. He has supported the development of Sino-US relations for many years. Even the new pandemic did not slow him down.

By 2020, he had finished writing two books and started writing the third. As if that were not stressful enough, this year alone he had flown to 15 places worldwide to hold events or meet with politicians. His most recent visit to Beijing marked his 100th visit to China.

Kissinger participated in many significant diplomatic activities, all under immense pressure. It can be said that he has lived under heavy pressure for a long time and is sick and stressed. It is a mystery as to how he could live such a long life.

Perhaps we can understand the secret to his longevity by recalling Kissinger’s own words on the subject. He said, “I think the secret of my longevity is that I’ve been lucky enough to do something that fascinates me, that I can be a part of. I’m not retired yet, and I don’t plan to retire. I will work on issues that I think are important, and that’s why I’m still working.” To sum up, the secret of his longevity is always to work. Further proof of this can be obtained by examining the lives of Buffett, Munger, and Li Ka-shing, who are also close to 100 years old.

People will have a strong sense of being alive as long as they work. This sense of what I will call existence is what most people hang on to throughout their lives. No matter how old you are, having a sense of existence is beneficial to longevity. As Kissinger once said: “Longevity is not something I deliberately seek, but I accept it happily.”

一身是病又压力重重,他是如何活到100岁? – 知乎

幫助塑造現代地緣政治的傳奇政治家亨利·基辛格去世,享年 100 歲。他似乎和任何人一樣對自己能走到這一步感到驚訝。
在他與 Axel Springer 執行長 Mathias Döpfner 的最後一次電視採訪中,兩人簡短地談到了這一點。
「我是怎麼活到 100 歲的?我不知道。我的目標不是這個,」基辛格告訴多普夫納。


一身是病又压力重重,他是如何活到100岁? – 知乎

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