Indescribable Gifts

Xmas gift box
Xmas gift box

The night before Thanksgiving, my son and I prayed together. Suddenly, the question came to me: “What is the meaning of Thanksgiving?” It was God who inspired me to think of such a thing.

Well, before I was able to come up with an answer, He said that it was to “Thank God for His Giving.”

What enlightenment!

We prayed again on the day of Thanksgiving. His words came back to me again: “Thanksgiving does not end today. Every day of your life, I will continue to give you things that you should thank Me for.”

To my joy, the gifts from God began to pour in.

We went to a shopping mall to pick up a gift card. We saw a line to exchange three receipts for gift cards. Apparently, if you could show that you spent a hundred dollars, you would get a ten dollar gift card, with appropriate increments if you had spent more money than that. I had made a $250 purchase; I figured if I made two more purchases (bringing the total up to $300) then I could get a $50 gift card. So my son and I took our time and bought dinner; afterwards we went shopping at See’s Candies.

Unfortunately, when we came back, the line for the gift card exchange had closed. The security guard informed us that they had run out of gift cards. I was hoping to be gifted a miracle, so I walked around their counter and chatted with the lady there. I told her that I missed the chance to take advantage of their deal, and she expressed her sympathy.

Little did I know that she was the manager in charge of the gift card distribution. She walked up to me only a few minutes after our chat and politely told me that she could help me. She reopened the line just for me and gave me my gift card.

After we got home, I immediately started looking for Xmas cards to match the gift cards we had just bought. I was shocked to see that one of the Xmas cards was in the shape of a gift box, with the inscription:

Thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15

What a way to confirm what He had told me a couple of days ago! And He had already taken action by moving the mall manager to give me the gift card!

The very next day, my son called me excitedly to tell me that my granddaughter finally received a much-needed offer from the school district. They have agreed to give her one on one tutoring, free of charge. Normally, this special long term education program would cost up to a million dollars. Wow, what a gift!

Ever since then, the gifts have been pouring down. Each time, I thank God for lifting me up at the low point of my life. I am now full of confidence that, regardless of any huge setbacks, I will be able to make my life better than ever!










Xmas gift box


这证实祂几天前告诉我的话! 而且祂已经采取了行动,让商场经理给了我礼品卡!


从那以后,礼物就源源不断地涌来。每一次,我都感謝上帝在我人生的低潮時扶持我。 我現在充滿信心,無論遇到什麼巨大的挫折,我一定能讓我的生活比以往任何時候都更好!

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