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I have seen an extraordinarily tragic death; it deeply shocked me. I do not want to see any living creature hurt, no matter how small it is.

It was during a hunt for antelope.

The antelope, also known as the green sheep, looks like a domestic goat and is good at jumping. Each adult antelope weighs about 30 kilograms and has a docile temperament. It is the favorite animal of hunters.

During one particular hunt, our hunting team intercepted and forced a group of more than 60 antelopes onto the Death Rock in Brown Mountain. We wanted to force them off the rock so that they would fall to their deaths and we could avoid wasting our bullets.

After about 30 minutes of stalemate, a big male antelope suddenly made a vocalization, and the entire group quickly divided itself into two groups; one of the older animals, the other of the younger. I couldn’t figure out why.

Suddenly, an old male separated himself from his group. He had long shaggy hair and a wrinkled face; his horns were broken. You can tell at a glance that he was very old.
He said “baa” to the group of young antelopes, and a young and strong antelope came out in response. The two antelopes, one old and one young, walked to the edge of the dead rock and took a few steps back. Suddenly, the young antelope galloped forward. At about the same time, the old male antelope also raised his hooves and leaped in that direction. The younger animal ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped towards the other side of the mountain stream. The old male followed closely behind.

They had jumped at slightly different times, and the aim of their jumps was also slightly different. The angle of the old male was slightly lower than that of his relative. I was surprised and thought, does suicide also require pairing up and dying in pairs? Unless these two antelopes had wings, it was absolutely impossible for them to successfully jump to the rock on the opposite side.

Sure enough, the young antelope’s upper trajectory only amounted to a distance of about four or five meters. Its body soon began to fall, drawing a terrifying arc in the air.
I thought that in a few seconds at most, it would inevitably fall into the abyss.

It was at this time that something unbelievable happened. The old male antelope had timed his jump so that his body would be directly under the hooves of the young antelope at the moment when the young animal began to fall.

The young antelope was able to use its elder’s back as a springboard. The old male looked like the remains of a rocket that had run out of fuel. When the strong young antelope kicked him hard he fell straight down like a bird whose wings were suddenly broken.

However, although the strength of the young antelope’s second jump was far less than the first, and the height was only half of the jump from the ground, it was enough to cover the remaining two meters. In an instant, I saw a young and strong antelope landing lightly on the opposite mountain peak, shouting “baa” excitedly as it disappeared behind the rock.

The attempt had apparently been successful. Immediately afterwards, similar pairs of antelopes jumped into the air. The young ones would make it, while the old ones, who sacrificed themselves to act as landing platforms, fell and died.

I didn’t expect that at this critical moment when the family was facing extinction, the antelopes would come up with a way to sacrifice half of their family in order to save the other half. I never thought that the old antelopes would go to their deaths so calmly, knowing that they had enabled the next generation to survive.

Witnessing this extremely tragic death shocked me deeply and made me feel ashamed that I had driven them to this. From now on, I do not want to harm any life, no matter how small it is…
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《永不殺戮 》

我曾見過一場異常悲壯的死亡,正是那次死亡深深的震撼了我,我從此不願再傷害, 哪怕再微小的生命……




牠走出佇列,朝那群年輕的班羚「咩」了一聲,一隻青壯的班羚應聲而出。一老一少兩隻班羚走到斷命岩邊,又後退了幾步。 突然,青壯班羚朝前飛奔起來,差不多同時,老雄班羚也揚蹄快速助跑。青壯班羚跑到懸崖邊緣,縱身一躍,朝山澗對面跳去。老雄班羚緊跟在後,頭一勾,也從懸崖上跳躍出去。



突然,奇跡出現了,老雄班羚憑著嫺熟的跳躍技術,在青壯班羚從最高點往下降落的瞬間,身體出現在青壯班羚的蹄下。 老雄班羚的時機把握得很準,當牠的身體出現在青壯班羚蹄下時,剛好處在跳躍弧線的最高點。


可是,那青壯班羚的第二次跳躍力度雖然遠不如第一次,高度也只有從地面跳躍的一半,但足夠跨越剩下的最後兩米距離了。 瞬間,只見青壯班羚輕巧地落在對面山峰上,興奮地「咩」叫一聲,轉到磐石後面不見了。




我為之而震撼!— 所以我永不殺戮!!!



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