Daybreak:Parental Sacrficial Love for a Child


Daybreak…touching story

In 1999, a cable car accident took the lives of 14 tourists in China.

One couple lifted their son (2 and a half-year-old) out of the falling cable car to safety. They did not survive the accident.

Han Hong, who is a famous Chinese singer and songwriter, wrote “Daybreak” to commemorate the couple’s sacrifice for their child.

In order to finish the song, Han Hong went to experience the feeling of riding a cable car. Through going up and down in the normal operation of the cable car, Han Hong felt fear and helplessness what is more to say in the terrifying moment of the accident. In the time of life and death, parents think of not themselves but their child, they tried everything to give him the chance of escaping from crushing to death. This is the love of parents. The little boy’s survival is a miracle held up by his parents’ hands.

Han Hong later adopted the orphan. She said she feels empathy with the boy more than others since she herself lost her father at the age of six.

Han Hong sang “Daybreak” on the Chinese TV show-“I am a singer”. She also wrote this song.








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