A Big Dream Can Benefit Millions


When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blue
Suddenly, it comes to you
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true
When a star is born
They possess a gift or two
One of them is this
They have the power to make a wish come true

Disney – When You Wish Upon A Star
When people think of Disneyland, the first thing that comes to their minds is Walt Disney and his big dreams.

He was a witness to this song, the one about wishing upon stars. Since he made his dreams come true, he used himself as an example to give others hope of similar fulfillment.

He needed hope, vision, planning, and hard work for his dreams to come true. His exception to this was Mickey Mouse, who, in a sense, acted as his “star.”

Picture Walt Disney as a child. Back then, in Kansas City, Walter could only view the delights of the amusement park from the fence, as he didn’t have enough money to buy a ticket. When Walter became a father, he made a point of saving up enough money to take his children to the amusement park.

However, once he was able to go to these parks, he found them unimpressive. Once he brainstormed the idea of creating the best amusement park for children, he began to expand his horizons. He traveled throughout the United States and Europe and visited various places; he explored circuses, carnivals, and parks. He discovered that he preferred amusement parks to be bright and spotless. He admired the ones with cheerful music, excellent food and drink, and good customer service.

After years of hard work, he formed the “Disneyland” company despite his brother Roy’s objections. Both bankers and entertainment industry experts predicted that it would fail.
Without their backing, Disney Studios had to rely on other companies to help fund their ideas. Eventually Roy agreed to help, and the project enjoyed more secure funding.

In 1953, Walter brilliantly combined amusement park development with producing movies based on his amusement park. The result was a huge boon for ABC’s Disney World television program.

Disneyland finally opened on July 17, 1955, in Anaheim, California. In just seven weeks, millions of visitors flocked to see Disneyland, making it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the United States. There were 50% more tourists than they had predicted and the tourists spent 30% more than the company had expected.

Walter used his talent and hard work to make his dream into a great success. As he told an interviewer: “Everyone can make their dreams come true. You just need to have one.”

Faith and hard work are both necessary to fulfill your dreams, but, if you do it right, you have so much fun while doing it that you don’t feel like you’re actually working.”

Many people thought he could become president, but he asked, “Why do I want to become president of the United States? I am the king of Disneyland!”

It is impossible not to recognize the greatness of his spirit and achievements. He brought great joy to both children and adults from all over the world.
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1953年沃爾特精闢的結合遊樂園區發展的電視製作。結果對 ABC的迪斯尼樂園電視節目有造成極大的好處。


沃爾特用自己的天賦和的艱苦工作帶給他極大的成功,這成功來自一個夢想。正如他告訴一位採訪者:“每個人都可以夢想成真。除了自己要有夢想 … …

很多人認為他可以當選總統,但他說 “為什麼我想成為美國總統?我己經是迪士尼樂園的國王了!”

好大的氣魄,好大的口氣,但我們也不能不肯定他的成就! 他帶給全球孩子–不止是孩子連成人也得到很大的歡樂呢!

真的好想好想對說沃爾特迪士尼先生說: 謝謝你的夢!

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