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Welcome to Dimash’s world where nothing is impossible !




Dimash is the son of an opera singer mother and a music producer/pop singer father. His dedication to his art equals his enormous talent. He started musical training at age 5 in vocals and with multiple instruments. He majored in classical singing at an arts high school and then pop singing/piano in college.


He sang with his parents a song entitled “Precious Mother.” When he reached the part that says, “all my success is because of you,” he went to the front of the stage and knelt down and stretched out his arm to an old woman in the front row: the grandmother who raised him and took him to his lessons daily despite her leg pain.


Dimash is 25 years old and is from Kazakhstan. In this video, he was performing in Singer 2017, a tv show in China for professional singers. He was the first person and the youngest competitor to sing on the show ( since he was competing against established, very popular Chinese and Asian singers and was not expected to do well). This song basically opened the door for him into the whole world…. at this moment he is a household name in China, with this song and now has over 8 million followers in China, plus many fans in other countries.

He speaks Kazakh and Russian fluently, but sings in many different languages, composes music, and is a multi-instrumentalist. He is an extraordinary and exceptionally talented singer. Some professional singers, vocal, and show business experts call him a phenomenon, angel or an alien. Because Dimash includes in his range of voice, the notes played by all the singers of the past and present, and even more. He takes the highest notes that are inaccessible to other singers. Dimash mastered all the techniques of classical and rock vocals. He owns them perfectly, which allows him to mix them easily in his songs, which is why all the professionals are in a stupor


The video is the collection of Dimash entries when he participated in the competition at Hunan Television’s “I Am a Singer ” (China)

04:00 Opera2
08:06 The Show Must Go On
12:25 秋意浓 Autumn Strong**
18:23 Uptown Funk
28:34 Daididau-Kazakh folk song
32:14 Adagio
34:24 Daybreak
38:39 All By Myself
45:15 Unforgettable Day” topped the chart. On March 27, Kudaibergen won “Best Asian Singer” in China’s Top Music Awards in Shanghai, China, which are considered to be the equivalent to the Grammy Awards.
50:48 Confessa
56:04 A tribute to MJ
1:01:53 Give Me Love

**Autumn Strong


When Dimash Kudaibergen heard the song “Autumn Strong”, he was deeply moved. In order to show gratitude to the audience at the “Singer 2017” competition, he mastered this Chinese song in just one week and delivered a brilliant performance.



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