Engrave Hatred in Water, Kindness in Stone

Heart of appreciation

A teacher at a school in rural America wrote to the President of Ford Motor Company:
“Our school is in great need of a piano. Please help us.”

Soon after the teacher received a reply,
There were only one hundred dollars in the envelope.

The average person may be disappointed,
Blame the President of Ford for being stingy.

But the teacher wasn’t upset.
Instead, he used the $100 to buy high-quality peanut seeds and plant them in school.

That year, the peanut harvest was bountiful, and the profits were substantial.
So more seeds were sown in the second year.

A few years later, the teacher took the money from the harvest of the peanuts and bought a piano.

She sent a thank-you note and some peanuts from harvest to the President, in which she said:
“I bought the peanut seeds with a hundred dollars donated by the President. The peanuts had a good harvest, sold for a good price, and finally bought a piano. Thank you very much for your support.”

Later, the President wrote back and attached a check for $10,000. The letter reads:
“I’m proud of a teacher like you. We’ve had a lot of people ask us to help.
But you not only thanked me but also gave me peanuts as a gift. I was deeply moved.

Enclosed is a check for ten thousand dollars for the future development of the school. If you need subsidy in the future, please apply as much as possible. I will be glad to contribute whatever amount you need. “

If we don’t have the heart of appreciation, we will take others’ help for granted. When they don’t live up to our expectations, we will criticize them. It’s because the source of gratitude in our soul has dried up.

There is a saying: Engrave hatred in water, kindness in stone.

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