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Norma is a 90-year-old woman who lives in Michigan; she has had one of the worst years of her life. Not only did she lose her husband, she has also been diagnosed with uterine cancer and only has a few months to live. However, when her doctor asked her whether she would like to have the tumor removed by surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, Norma said something surprising. She told the doctor that it was more practical for her, a 90-year-old woman, to go on a wonderful trip before undergoing any of those medical procedures.

Her reasoning was very simple. She said that the amount of stress that she had recently been forced to endure had increased her chances of developing cancer, so now she wanted to reduce it. If she only had a few months left to live, then she wanted to do at least something that made her really happy. So Norma went to Disneyland, a place where she could just relax and experience new things. Norma flew in a hot air balloon for the first time, finding it thrilling. She began to change her style of dress, wearing things that made herself and onlookers smile.

She visited the National World War II Museum and felt the panic of fighting in the war. In the Space Center, she spread her arms wide like wings and imagined that she was traveling through space. She tried high-caloric foods that she had never dared to eat before. (Why should she care about high blood pressure now?) She let loose and indulged like a child, drinking multiple glasses of honey beer during an evening.

She embarked on her first road trip, staying as long as she liked in the beautiful river valleys of Arizona. In Yellowstone Park, she was shocked by the beauty of the geological landscape. She experienced the feeling of tranquility that many people enjoy when they visit Jenny Lake at night. She was able to fulfill her goal of enjoying every moment.

Half a year passed, and a miracle happened: her cancer disappeared. She even managed to forget that she had it. Naturally, Norma’s case attracted the attention of the medical community. Research done by the University of South Florida in the United States has found that when people are happy, the heart secretes a hormone called peptide, which can miraculously kill 95 percent of cancer cells within 24 hours. These hormones are equally effective in treating other incurable diseases. The happier one’s mood, the more prolific this cancer-killing hormone will become.

Miracle cures can be achieved without relying on advanced medical treatment. In fact, when people are worried or in pain, the heart almost completely stops secreting this hormone, so surgery and other practices may actually be harmful to one’s health. The Father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, had a point when he said that it is not the doctor who cured the disease but the human body itself.

Your happiness is worth millions; your satisfaction makes your life. Nothing is worse than losing your joy, not to mention that there are so many lingering and unforgettable things in life. You will instantly know what you have lost when you ruin your health. In order to live a good and long life, you must be strong enough to overcome all of its trials and be happy.
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“讓我開始一個真正屬於我的開心的旅程吧!” 就這樣諾瑪的旅程開始了。她去了狄斯奈樂園,體驗着和孩子一樣的純真和驚奇,諾瑪登上了從未體驗過的熱氣球,讓自己在空中尖叫。她把自己裝扮成各種不同可愛的風格,讓看見她的人瞬間的一笑。




相反的,當人處在痛苦擔憂時, 抑郁消極的狀態時,心臟幾乎完全停止分泌這種激素物質。由此,千百年來困擾人類的絕症治癒的這張底牌被徹底地解開了。西醫的鼻祖誒波拉克堤說過並不是醫生治癒了疾病,而是人體自身戰勝的疾病。這是上天送給所有絕望生命的,也是送給人類最後的一件禮物。


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