Acts of Kindness Bear Fruit


Acts of Kindness Bear Fruit
(translated from the original Chinese; the author is unknown)
This is a true story that took place in the United States in 1995:
David, a businessman, was driving late at night to New York City on business. Eventually, he realized he was too tired to continue driving and got off the highway to find a place to sleep. There were no hotels available, but he managed to find a bed in a nearby nursing home for the night.
As he was about to leave the next day, he suddenly had a premotion and asked the manager if there was anything he could do to help.
The manager said an old Jewish man had died the night before and was about to be buried in a Christian cemetery. David listened and said, “If you’re a Jew, you’d prefer to be buried in a Jewish cemetery, not a Christian cemetery.” David told him that since he drives a big R.V., he could take the body and drop him off at the Jewish cemetery in New York.
Most people dislike driving with a corpse, but David kept his word.
He returned to New York and found a charity whose administrator told him that, fifty years ago, a Jewish philanthropist had donated to save some plots for those who could not afford their burial.
When he went to the charity’s office to get their help with the burial, he told them the name of the dead man, Simon Winston. The administrator looked astonished and said:
“That’s a familiar name!”
After seeing the remains, his face became wet with tears: “We should be proud of him; God has given us a miracle. This old man was the one who funded our organization 50 years ago! You brought him back to where he wished to be buried!”
A man can get good karma from a good deed he accomplished half a century ago. Since he was kind to others, he also received kindness.

這個真實的故事發生在1995 年的美國:

院長說,昨晚一位猶太老人過世,正想將他葬在基督教公墓,大衛聽了,說:「既然是猶太人,應該比較樂意葬在猶太墓園 ,而非基督教公墓。」便表示他開的是大型休旅車,可以順路載到紐約的猶太墓園。
他回到紐約,找到一個慈善機構,慈善機構的管理員告訴他 ,五十年前,有一位猶太慈善家捐了一筆錢,保留了一些墓穴給無力安葬的貧困者。


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