Crab Law


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Anyone who has ever fished for crabs knows that you must remember to cover the bamboo basket when you put a crab in it. A single crab will always try to climb out. However, if you catch a few more crabs and put them in, you don’t have to put the lid on the basket anymore. Now, no matter how hard the crab tries, it can’t get out.

Why is that?

Each crab scrambles for the exit. When one crab gets to the top of the basket, the others grab it with their claws and drag it to the bottom. Then another crab climbs up on top of the pile, and the process is repeated.

This is also the mentality of many people in today’s society: when they are unhappy, they also want others to be depressed. Like the crabs, we wish to drag others down to our level. To be envious and ashamed of others are the greatest follies of human nature.

There is a minor, yet very significant difference between heaven and hell. In these places, God gives everyone a spoon with a long handle with which to share a large saucepan full of food. In hell, people only noticed that the spoon was too long to put food into their mouths; in heaven, people used their spoons to feed each other. Wherever a selfish man goes, hell will follow him.









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