A Transition – from an Earthly Being to a Divine Being(2)

The worker that had gone with me just stared at it with me, and we just stood there, numb. We turned around and went back home, and when I was back, I told my son that we needed to pray. During the prayer, my son started to weep, but I was completely numb and didn’t feel anything. The next morning, I tried to contact the insurance company, and they sent a construction crew to estimate the damages. They had just sent one person, and nobody else. He started to cut apart the drywall and remove all the wood floor, carpet, and cabinets before setting up at least ten fans in the house for seven days to try to dry everything. The process was so slow, and it made me very nervous because I had a tenant waiting to move in. After it was dry, the construction company sent someone for an estimate, and it took more than two weeks for it to be completed.

As we made the drive back and forth to the property in Orange Country, I cried every day and every time we went. I came before God, and I couldn’t figure out why this had happened. This house was supposed to be a miracle house, and I had written an article about it, how this house had come to us miraculously, and now this had happened. In my head, I kept asking why this had happened. It didn’t make sense why this would happen to me, to increase my burden.


I was now financially, physically, and mentally stressed. Even though I was in such a frail state, I still kept searching for why this had happened. Gradually, I understood that this was a life experience I needed to go through. I needed to help myself to be peaceful during all of this. One day I finally realized that miracles are not only material but are also spiritual. And during this near month-long period of dealing with this house and its water damage, I managed my stress and realized that a lot of miracles had happened during then.

For example, someone told me that one of the other construction companies said that it would take at least three weeks to fix the damage, and I told myself that I didn’t have three weeks, just one. Miraculously, I found a cabinet person that helped me do the cabinets in a few days. A worker slept in the house and worked day in and day out by himself to fix everything. It was a bittersweet experience, but we managed to finish repairs within ten days, and the tenant moved in in time. Looking back on it, I realized that this was the most valuable experience I’d ever had. Through the struggles and the stress, the Voice told me I needed to learn this to truly find peace.

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