No Charge

Shirley Caesar

Shirley Caesar – No Charge

American singer Shirley Caesar’s lyrics in “Free” are something that you simply must listen to. There are no twists and turns, no thrilling anecdotes, but the priceless feeling of a mother’s love is unmistakable, and there is a shocking power surging between the lines. Meaningful maternal love is an eternal theme. . .

I transcribed the lyrics as follows:

“One night, while I was preparing dinner, my 10-year-old son came into the kitchen and handed me a piece of paper on which he wrote something. I wiped my hands on the apron and looked closely, it read:

Mowing, $5;
Make your own bed this week, $1;
Go to the store, 50 cents;
You go shopping and I’ll take care of my little brother, 25 cents;
Take out the trash, $1;
Earn an excellent report card, $5;
And cleaning the yard, $2.

Watching him stand there expectantly, thousands of memories flashed through my mind in an instant. I took the paper, turned it over to the back, and wrote on it:
9 months pregnant with you, free;
Stay up late for you, ask a doctor to see a doctor for you, free of charge;
The time spent on you over the years, the tears you shed, and everything you paid for to grow up, are free;

I worry about you day and night, and will worry about you in the future, for free;
Give you advice and teach you knowledge, for you to go to school, free of charge;
Buy you toys, food, clothes, wipe your nose for free;
Son, when you add it all together, all the love mom gives is free.
After reading it, the son’s eyes filled with big drops of tears. He looked at me and said, “Mom, I really love you.” Then he picked up a pen and wrote big words on the paper: “The bill has been paid.”

Link to video: Allen Freeman. (2012, September 27). Shirley Caesar – No Charge. Retrieved from

免 費

美国歌手雪莉凯撒在“免費”中的歌词是你必须听的。 没有曲折,没有惊心动魄的轶事,但母爱的无价之感却是无懈可击的,字里行间涌动着震撼人心的力量。 有意义的母爱是永恒的主题。 . .


一天晚上,当我准备晚餐时,我 10 岁的儿子走进厨房,递给我一张纸,上面写着什么。我在围裙上擦了擦手,仔细看了看,上面写着:





视频链接:艾伦·弗里曼。 (2012 年 9 月 27 日)。 雪莉凯撒 – 不收费。 取自

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