“I’m sorry I stole your car. I was saving my family!”

cake by Lynh
cake by Lynh

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​​☺️🇺🇦The story about a man who committed an unexpected act of kindness and left his car on the street so that someone else could evacuate went viral on Facebook. We would like to share it with you

“I’m sorry I stole your car. I was saving my family!”

I came out of the bomb shelter and saw a car near the store, the keys were inside. I watched the car for 2 hours, and waited for the owner – no one showed up. I took my family, got in the car, and drove to Vinnytsia where my relatives live.

Then I found the phone number in the glove compartment and called the owner:
— I’m sorry, I stole your car. I was saving my family.
— Thank God, don’t worry, I have 4 cars. I took my family out in my SUV. I had refueled my other cars and left them in different places with the keys in and the phone number in the glove compartment. From all 4 cars, I received a callback. Once there’s peace, I hope we’ll see each other. Stay safe!

一個男人做出了意想不到的善舉,把車停在街上以便其他人撤離的故事在 Facebook 上瘋傳。我們想與您分享.





— 感謝上帝,別擔心,我有 4 輛車。我帶著我的家人開著我的 SUV。我給我的其他汽車加 了油,把它們放在不同的地方,鑰匙在裡面,電話號碼在手套箱裡。我收到了所有 4 輛車的回電。一旦和平了,我希望我們能再見面。保持安全!

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