Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Chapter 37


The Tao never does,
Yet through it everything is done.
If princes and dukes can keep the Tao,
the world will of its own accord be reformed.
When reformed and rising to action,
Let it be restrained by the Nameless pristine simplicity.
The Nameless pristine simplicity
Is stripped of desire (for contention).
By stripping of desire quiescence is achieved,
And the world arrives at peace of its own accord.
( Translation by Lin Yutang )

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The Wu Wei (never does) suggests natural action rather than action inspired by desire. The practitioners of Wu Wei will stay at rest unless and until they are motivated. They act by need and then return to rest without claiming credit or glory for themselves.

The people will respond with Wu Wei to a leader who practices Wu Wei. A desireless person or a nation will remain at rest, and people can be of their own accord and remain at peace. In this way, all things would be at peace.

The Wu Wei is the principle of Tao. Within the working of the Tao, there is neither strife nor struggle because the Tao devoid the action and does not attempt to achieve, and yet nothing is beyond its power to achieve. On the other hand, if we take action with desire, and attain the goal in mind, we end up with chaos and fruitless both in a big scale-a country and a small scale-individual respectively.

Many years ago, I lost my husband; I was in grief. Seeing how distressed I was, my cousin suggested for me to take a trip back to my hometown(Taiwan). She hoped the trip would not only keep me occupied in doing the networking business to lessen my stress and also my financial hardship. She then prepared two pieces of luggage filled with nutrition bottles from the networking company for me to bring and recruit members there.

Once I settled at one of church friend’s house, I immediately took action and started to connect with all of my friends. Many referred their friends to me, but I failed to produce any result. One of my high school friends even convinced all of the classmates to buy all the products from me. Before I was getting ready to ship the package to them, I found out that they would not consume the products, they bought it was to help me out because of my circumstance. Of course, I could not impose on my friends with my need. I quickly put an end to my newfound career and brought back the two pieces of luggage. The content inside was the same except the hope of making money was no longer there.

While I was overseas, I did one thing effortlessly- that is to tell my daughter to purchase the brand new house in the new development in the city of Laguna Niguel. I moved right into the new home when I came back to the State. Whose to know that this effortless deed I did over the phone land me a gold mine. The price of the house doubled then almost tripled its original purchasing price many years later.


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