Put It Down

The Kung Brahmin had great power but still had a wisp of trouble in his heart. So he used his magic power and raised two flowering acacia and sycamore trees in both hands to consult the Buddha. Buddha kindly said to him: “Let’s put it down.” Brahmin put down the acacia tree in his left hand. Buddha said: ” Let’s put it down.” He put down the sycamore tree in his right hand again. The Buddha continued, ” Let’s put it down.” Surprised, he asked the Buddha, “Lord, my hands are empty. I have nothing else to put down.”

The Buddha smiled and said, “What you really want to let go of is the persistence in your heart. When you let go of all the attachments in your heart, you can transcend life and death.” Brahmin immediately was enlightened.

This image is from Lynn Yang.

Tangible things, which people can see and touch, are easy to put down. Invisible things like desires, attachments, beliefs, consciousnesses, humanities, and shackles, people can hardly let go of, but they should also be put down.

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