Power Of Love – Love Can Change Everything


The greatest thing in this world is love.  Through love, wisdom allows itself to be seen and power follows. Here is a very simple and yet powerful story (original story in Chinese) that will touch your heart.   The story is of a wise mother that changes her son’s future simply by giving the love, kindness and encouragement to him despite the discouraged comments from son’s teachers.

Love indeed can change everything.

At the parent meeting, the teacher of the nursery school said to her: “Your son has hyperactivity disorder, he can not sit on the bench more than three minutes, you’d better take him to the hospital to check to make sure he is all right.” On the way home, her son asked her what the teacher said, his question caused her heart to ache, and almost brought her to tears.   The reason was that out of the whole class of thirty children, he gave the worst performance,  and he was the only one for whom teacher showed disdain.

However, she told her son: “The teacher praised you, she told me that you couldn’t sit still  for a minute before, but now you are able to sit for three minutes. Other students’ mother are very envious , because you are the only one who has made progress.”

That night, for the first time her son ate two bowls of rice by himself without his mother’s help.

In elementary school, at the parent’s conference, the teacher said: ” Your son ranked the 40th for the math examination in my class of fifty students. I think he has  learning disability, you should have him checked by the doctor .”

On the way back from school, she was sad that she could not help sobbing.  However, when she returned home, she said to her son at the dinning table, “Your teachers have confidence in you.  He told me that you are not a stupid child, if you studied more carefully,  you will surpass your classmates.  You did well this time and you ranked the 21st in the whole class. ”
After saying this, she discovered that his face immediately lit up and his eyes started to open up from the his dull face.  She also found her son who was surprisingly gentle and obedient, he seemed to grow up a lot. The next day he got up earlier than usual to go to school.

At another parent’s meeting of  junior high school, she sat on her son’s seat, and waited for the teacher to call  her son’s name in the list of poor performing students because his name was always among them.

However, she did not hear her son’s name being called.  She went to talk to the teacher, she was told that even though her son was not among the list of the poor performing students , he probably would not be able to pass the entrance examination for the best college with his current scores (it is common practice that the Asian students have to pass the entrance examination in order to be admitted to the University).

Still she left the school happily and she found her son was waiting for her. Leaning on her son’s shoulder, she told him that his teacher was very satisfied with him and  as long as he worked harder, he could get in the best college without doubt.

Not long after graduating from high school, the son was called to go back to high school.  She had a hunch that her son had passed the entrance examination to one of the best university because she told him that she had confidence in him to get in to this university.

Her son then came back and handed her the acceptance letter from the University.  He said “Mom… I know I am not a smart kid, but you are the only person who knows me and appreciates me in this world…”  He could not help crying out loud when he expressed his feelings.

This is an example of what the amazing power of love, faith and support can do…

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