Leave Some Persimmons on the Trees

In the rural areas of Israel, every time the farmers harvest the crop, they will leave a portion of the four corners near the edge of the roadway untouched. Those fruits of the four corners are available to anyone who needs them.

They believe it is God who gave the once-troubled Jewish people a happy life today. Leaving the crops at the four corners of their fields, it not only shows their gratitude toward God but also gave to those who pass by and have no food to eat. Crops are grown by themselves, leaving a little to others to enjoy, they believe that sharing is a kind of gratitude, and it is a virtue too.

Coincidentally, there are many persimmon gardens along the country roads in the northern side of South Korea. In the golden autumn season, the busy figures of farmers picking persimmons can be seen everywhere, but after the harvest, some ripe persimmons will not be picked off. These persimmons left in the trees have become a unique landscape. When some tourists pass by here, they will say that these persimmons are big and red, and it is a pity not to pick them up.

The image is from Fast Growing Trees

But the local fruit growers believe that no matter how beautiful and attractive the persimmons grow, they won’t be picked off because they are the food left for the magpie. What makes people here have such a habit?

It turns out that this is a habitat for magpies: every winter, magpies nest on the fruit trees for the winter. One winter, the weather was unusually cold, and there was a lot of snow. Hundreds of magpies who could not find food were frozen to death overnight. The following spring, the persimmon tree re-emerged and sprouted, flowered and bore fruits. But just then an unknown caterpillar suddenly flooded into disaster. That year the persimmon was almost out of production.

Since then, when the farmers harvest persimmons every autumn, people will leave some persimmons as food for the winter. Persimmons left in the trees attracted many magpies to spend the winter here. Magpies seem to be grateful, and they don’t fly away in the spring. They are busy catching the bugs on the trees all day, thus ensuring a bountiful harvest of persimmons that year.

The image is from Pinterest.

In the harvest season, don’t forget to leave some persimmons in the trees. Because, leaving room for others, often gives ourselves the chance and hope. Everything in nature is interdependent, and we are bound together for good or ill.

The image is from Pinterest.

A azure-winged magpie is eating a ripe persimmon …

Giving is a kind of joy. For giving is not a total loss, but a noble gain. Giving will bring us happiness because it can make your heart beautiful when you are willing to give to the others, and it makes people happy. It is like leaving a few persimmons in the tree! It is the most beautiful scenery in the world.

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