Life is Like a Bottle

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The original text is in Chinese. I translated this into English to share with you. It is very simple, yet holds a much deeper meaning. A very easy thing to understand, but also a very easy thing to forget. The original text can be found here.

This is an empty bottle.

If you pour the water in, then the bottle contains water.

But if you put trash in the bottle, then the bottle is full of trash.

What is man?

Man is not particularly anything.

Man is a mere empty bottle.

You are like this bottle.

Whatever you do, good or bad, fills up the bottle.

If your heart is filled with kindness, passion, sincerity, and thankfulness, then the bottle, which represents your life, will be filled with sunshine.

If you are facing many conflicts, you should try to find your shortcomings and remedy them.

The faults of others will disappear with your endurance.

If your life has other people in it, you will have more empathy.

You will not just put yourself first.

You will not just do things for yourself only.

You will let others feel your warmth.

If you care about other people, they will do likewise.

Moreover, you will receive more than you give.

If you enlarge your heart, you will not be affected by gossip, fighting, and greed.

Nor will the on and off promotion and demotion of the world affect you.

It will not block your wise eye.

You will feel like nothing bothers you.

You can be calm, and enjoy the beauty of life.

Otherwise, your heart is filled with the seed of hatred.

This seed will only grow, and bud, and blossom into a flower.

Consequently, you will be consumed with hate.

Then, you hurt yourself first.

If your heart is filled with jealousy, manipulation, and greed, then you can never get out of this narrow mindset.

You will only complain to the heavens and the earth in your single-track mind.

Your friends will decrease in numbers.

In the end, you will be alone.

If your heart is filled with your career, your stocks, and your houses, you have no choice but to struggle to run your journey in this material world.

Even though all those things will keep appearing in your heart, you have to chase them endlessly until you have lost your spiritual being.

The material things are not brought into us in this world, nor are they taken with us.

In the end, we may depart from this world with regret, empty handed.

Your fate and success are not determined by your appearance or your height.

It’s up to what you have in your heart.

If your heart is filled with beauty, your life will be beautiful.

If your heart is content with health, then you will have good health.

If your heart is filled with beauty, then it shows in your outer appearance.

If your heart is filled with energy, then your body is also filled with energy.

If your heart is filled with joy or happiness, then your life will be filled with joy and happiness.

If your heart is filled with confidence, then your life will be the same thing.

In the realm of life and the future of life, people always see a fog.

Actually, it is in front of you and it is up to you.

Destiny comes from the heart.

If it is in your heart, your appearance and destiny will reflect what is in your heart.

We are all like an empty bottle. Whatever is in your heart is what you will receive.

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