Change Your Outlook On Life

Although I cannot change my life, I can change my outlook on life;

Although I cannot change my environment, I can change my state of mind;

Although I can not adjust my environment to adapt to my own life, I can adjust my attitude to adapt to the environment.

People who are content see the bitterness of the poor.
People who are not content see the happiness of the rich.

Those that we give to can bring happiness in return!

The fastest footsteps:
Do not cross boundaries, but are insistent.

The slowest pace:
Is not truly slow, but wandering.

The best way:
Is not a broad road, but requires patience.

The greatest happiness:
Is not to receive, but to show appreciation.

The best fortune:
Is not money, but to be satisfied.

The most freedom:
Is not to own, but to let go.

Mother Teresa said:
We often cannot do great things, but we can do small things with great love.

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