The World of Wistaria

The World of Wisteria
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I have written about roses, orchids, night-blooming cereus …
But looking at the wisteria in the Huntington Botanical Gardens,
Honestly, I could not even imagine how to write about them.
Hoping for some enlightenment, I paid a second visit.
Standing beneath the climbing plant and looking up,
I saw angels playing with their wands.

With their magic touch, stars covered the sky.
They waved their wands again, and the stars became flowers tumbling, floating to earth.
Gorgeous, shining flowers came down, one after another.
They gathered into clusters and strings.
Glittering, vivid flowers, beautiful beyond description.
The angels were elated; they clapped and announced:
“These flowers will bring spring to Mother Earth.”

And yes, spring has just arrived.
This time I saw the wisteria falling.
I felt its vibrancy and energy.
As it slowly shed its bounteous blessings,
Its passion is touching people’s hearts.
People can’t help stopping and soaking in the warmth it radiates.
What a wonderful way to raise the curtain on a new year.

I went back a third time to find something I might have missed.
It was the way these flowers grow:
The blossoms appear in the form of bundle upon bundle.
The individuals melt in the beauty of harmonious grouping.
Yes, their beauty is the result of each blossom’s cooperative melding into a wonderful whole.
The flowers bloom with their heads hanging down.
They teach us gentleness and humility.
This time, as I walked under the wisteria trellises,
I saw a vine-like spiral growth of stems.
Climbing on the trellis, they can cover an acre.
This limitless growth is achieved from the inside out.
Neither affected by time and nor constrained by space,
Wisteria becomes a symbol of longevity and immortality.
Its spiral growth reveals something about life.
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The spiral is a symbol of spiritual growth and the path of life.
We seem to repeat our walking of the same path.
Through individual conscious awareness,
We have different perceptions; thus it gradually helps our spiritual growth.
As the spiral rotates inward toward the core,
We gain deeper insight, and we learn to accept, let go and release.
As the spiral rotates outward, we connect with a loving and harmonious energy source.
The inward and outward rotations take us to a higher consciousness.

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The background music is from “The most beautiful wisteria in the world.”
Ashikaga Flower Park is located 80 kilometers From Tokyo to north .
One of the prime attractions of this Park is its Japanese wisteria.

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