Three Sieves

The Story of “Four Candies”

Acts of Kindness Bear Fruit

“Peace”-Or, How Slowing Down is the Key to Happiness

Giving Is Better Than Receiving

No Charge

The Happy Medium

“I’m sorry I stole your car. I was saving my family!”

Stop Trying to Fit in


The Power of Prayer

What Does BF Stand for?

The Jewish “Donkey Selling” Mentality

Deep Water Is Silent


Flexible Layout

Mixed Layout

All Block Layouts Can Be Combined

The image is from Roddick was a British prisoner of war in WWII. Like many prisoners of war, he was sent to a German concentration camp. There were nearly a thousand prisoners of war in the camp, all British. They were forced to endure inhuman treatment and do brutally hard work. Luckily, Roddick was …


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