The Voice 7: A Miraculous Car(2)



How was I to know that a single car could behold so many miracles? I couldn’t have known, but He sure did. It all started because I needed a new car for work. Working within the home health field, I was required to drive around a lot, which is why the safety and reliability of a new car would be crucial.

In my last post, I shared with you that my brother had provided me with his old car when mine had been stolen. After I had been using his car for a while, my daughter urged me to buy a new one since his was incredibly unreliable.  Eventually I gave into her wishes and ended up buying a new car, one that was very out of character for me, but encouraged by The Voice:  A Mercedes Benz.

My new car lived up to its expectations, to say the very least. I remember one particular morning, I was dreading going into work because of the immense pressure I was receiving from the office manager. As I drove my way down the highway, all of a sudden, as I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw another car brush my bumper. I immediately slammed my foot on the gas pedal to accelerate and get away from the car behind. Without a moment’s hesitation, my car sped me out of the way and into safety. But the other car skid toward the center divider and completely flipped. When I checked from my rear mirror, there was a big gap between my car and all the cars behind. Apparently the drivers of the other cars noticed that something was wrong with this car, so they all kept their distance. That day I couldn’t have been more thankful that my daughter had encouraged me to buy a safer car, as my brother’s wouldn’t have had the power to accelerate in time to avoid collision.

Of course there have been several times when I ,myself, have been careless or forgetful – like the time when I forgot to lock my car. One night, after attending a computer class, I decided to go to the gym for a quick exercise before heading home. I remember telling myself to lock the car since my laptop was in the trunk. Unfortunately, the gym parking lot was notorious for break-ins. I thought I had taken all precautions before going into exercise, but an hour later when I came back to my car, I was shocked to find the door wide open. I had completely forgotten to shut the door! I almost had a heart attack. Quickly, I checked around and fortunately everything, including the laptop,  was still there. As I was reviewing the scene, I couldn’t help but feel that my luck was once again due to the protection that this car provided me with, or better yet, the protection that God provided to me thru this car.

Another reason why I believe this to be a miraculous car is that it personally caused me to grow. Most of my friends have money, and while they would never judge me for having less than them, it seems I’ve been the one to place that judgment on myself. I’ve felt inferior and undeserving of the car. Full of self-doubt, I resorted to lying, telling friends and acquaintances that I just leased the car, that I didn’t actually own it. In the beginning, it did make me quite uncomfortable to have such an ostentatious car because I had always driven more practical cars like Volkswagens, Hondas or Toyotas. This was the first time I had such a luxurious car. Deep in my mind, I didn’t feel that I was wealthy enough to own it, or that I wasn’t good enough to have it. In other words, I didn’t feel worthy of having something so nice. Little by little, as time passed, I gradually got used to the car and felt the ownership become my new reality.

My self-confidence grew exponentially thru ownership of this car. Time after time, while driving my car, I would tell myself out loud: “I own this car. I deserve it. This is my car. I am worthy.”  This vehicle became a tool for me to find the potential in myself and not to belittle myself. Gradually, I found myself change in a way that when people commented on my car, I would just say, “Yes, I love my car.” Thanks to this car, I am now full of confidence, joy, energy and life.

Additionally, I attribute the success of my marketing career to this lovely vehicle. For my job, I have to go into doctor’s offices and convince them that our in-home care company is the best one to refer their patients to. When I first started the job, I didn’t feel worthy of the doctor’s time. I felt like I was bothering them, and that they were ‘above’ me since they were doctors. But once I started driving my new car to work, and once I had convinced myself that I was worthy of driving my new car, that worthiness transferred into other areas of my life as well. I suddenly saw myself worthy of the doctor’s time, and therefore, they began to view me as worthy of their time as well. This manifested in new business in the form of a growing list of new patient referrals.

This car was with me for more than ten years. I was reluctant to let it go, but I had no choice because the mileage eventually grew too high. But why was I so sad? To me, this car was like a family member or a friend. It provided me with shelter and protection when I felt alone or needed to cry. When I was happy, I could share my joy with the car. I could shout and laugh in the car, sing and dance. Maybe most people believe a car is just a cold, unfeeling machine that isn’t alive.  But I believe everything, including this miraculous car, is made up of living energy. Beyond that, the values this car inspired within me are priceless and will be with me for the rest of my life.


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