The Voice-7: A Miraculous Car(1)

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When I told my friend, Monica, about a conversation I had with the Voice, she looked at me disbelievingly and asked: “Did the Voice actually tell you that he would serve as a replacement for your deceased husband?” I confidently looked her in the eye and said, “Yes, this is what I heard.”

She took a deep breath and said, “well, if the Voice is able to provide you with the necessities of life, then I’ll be convinced that you heard was indeed Him.” Seeing the puzzlement in my eyes, she explained that the necessities of life include food, clothing, shelter and mobility. She continued, “your husband provided you with those things, didn’t he?”

I thought to myself, she has a point.

I started to think about life’s necessities, and I immediately remembered that He had definitely provided me with shelter – as you may remember from my blog posts about the miraculous houses. Yet, I hadn’t given much thought to the other necessities and whether or not he was responsible for them. Had he provided me with mobility, so that I could get to where I needed to get each day?


What about my car? Of course, The Voice was even involved in the purchase of my car. I remember several years before my husband’s passing, we went to Chinatown to distribute gospel tracts around Chinese New Year. We were careful to park just outside of Chinatown, as we were told that there were many car thieves inside the town itself. I persuaded my husband to come along with me to preach. He did.

We spent two hours talking to people and handing out flyers. After finishing, we walked back where we had parked our car – only it wasn’t there. We searched the neighborhood high and low, but our car was nowhere to be found. Then it dawned on us: The car had been stolen.

Los_angeles_chinatown0001                                  en.wikipedia.org1024 × 768Search by image Entrance to Los Angeles Chinatown

We immediately contacted the Insurance Company to help take care of the matter and they settled our claim, submitting prompt reimbursement for our loss. Only they didn’t quite send us enough to replace our car with the same make and model that we had before.

Instead of having to stress about buying a new car, my brother generously stepped in to help by giving us one of his old cars. It wasn’t the most reliable set of wheels, as it would oftentimes break down. In fact, when we moved down from Los Angeles to Orange County, my daughter stopped me from taking the car out of the fear that I may not make it all the way to our new house.

After we settled in our Orange County house, we decided to begin looking for a new car. We had heard that Mercedes-Benz was well known for their safety standards. So, we went to a local dealer to take a look. All of the cars were incredibly nice, and the salesperson was extraordinary friendly. He was so sly that before we knew it, I had written him a check for the deposit of the car. Everything went so smoothly, it seemed that we would get the car right there and right then.


But wait…they did not have the color that I liked. This dealership only had black and white color cars, but I insisted on buying one that was metallic red. The salesperson had no choice but to locate the exact car that I wanted from another dealership. He told us to come back the next day and he would have our car for us.

Once we got home later that day, I heard The Voice whisper to me: “Think it over.” In other words, He was suggesting that I shouldn’t buy the car. I did not know why but I felt uneasy the whole night. After giving it much thought, I decided to follow The Voice’s advice and not purchase the car the next day.

Early the next morning, I went back to the car dealer and told the salesperson, “I’m not going to buy the car. Please give me my deposit back.”

Of course he didn’t want to give up his sale, so he told me that I would change my mind once I saw the car. He took me to the car and asked me to drive around for a while. But I knew I shouldn’t buy the car. So I refused. Then he called the manager and other people to come in and bombard me to persuade me to purchase the car. I kept telling them “no.”

2014 c class coupe red speed                                           

By that time, my daughter had already gone to Pasadena and checked the dealership there. She was shocked to find out that we had been charged seven thousand dollars over that dealer’s price. The other dealership told us that according to state law, we could cancel the sale as long as I did not drive the car off their lot within three days. This filled me with confidence in my decision to abort the purchase of this car.

On my way out, the salesperson chased after me and said that I had to purchase the car, as I had already signed the agreement. Naturally, they did not want to give me back my deposit. Thanks to the advice I received from The Voice, I was able to avoid buying a car from a dishonest dealer.

Later on, my son called the dealership and told them that they could not cash our deposit because they did not deliver the goods. Hearing a man’s voice, they quickly agreed to forfeit the deposit, saying that we could come pick up the check from them. Eventually I did purchase my car from the more honest dealer that my daughter had found.

The Voice has taught me to be patient. During the times I’ve needed Him most, He has been there – even if I didn’t call upon Him for help. Although what He says isn’t exactly what I always want to hear, I know that He only wants what’s best for me…all I have to do is listen.

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