Miracles through Prayer(1)

bell and candle
bell and candle

Alice Lin

This article is the updated version of “Miracles through Prayer,” which I posted on October 24, 2015, in loveneverending.com. After adding the Chinese text, the post is getting too long to post, so I divide it into two parts and repost here.

Ten years ago, I moved into a new house. Well, the house itself wasn’t new, in fact, it was 50 years old, but it was new to me. Anyway, every evening at around midnight, I would hear what I came to find out was two opossums running around in the space between the first-floor ceiling and the second floor. They sounded angry and aggressive, perhaps even fighting with each other. After many nights of hearing these sounds, which completely terrified me, I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. So, I got in touch with an exterminator to come in and check things out.

When the exterminator arrived, he checked everywhere, even up to the attic. He told me that he could seal all the openings in my house, but there would be no guarantee that they would go away. I had this gut feeling that if I used this company, the problem would still persist and I would end up wasting my money. So, I took action and sealed all the openings myself. But I still heard the fighting and running around every night. It drove me crazy, but it seemed as though there was nothing left for me to do.

A few months later, I was reading a book about prayer. I had just finished reading about a specific prayer ritual when I was inspired to try it out myself. I lit a candle and bowed, paying my respects to heaven and earth, and to the sun and moon. Then I began to pray. I was feeling calm and connected about ten minutes into prayer when all of a sudden I was jolted out of my peaceful state by an angry loud noise coming from my yard. As I went to investigate the noise, I noticed that it was coming from outside, near my utility room. When I peered out the window I saw one opossum standing in front of an exterior opening to the inside of my house, guarding it against another opossum that was also trying to get in. How could it be that I completely missed this opening when I patched up the house before? I waited until about 10:00 am to make sure the opossums had not re-entered the house, and then came out and I blocked the opening. Ever since then, the noises have completely vanished. No more sounds, no more opossums. I had finally solved the problem.

I was amazed by the problem, which bothered me for more than a year, was resolved just like that. It is incredible the way that answers come about. Once I finally took the time to pray, a miracle found its way into my life. Only when I allowed myself to feel helpless and vulnerable, did I find myself in the right situation to see what I had missed before: the opening into the house. I wasn’t praying to God to help me, and I wasn’t giving up either – I simply gave myself a time out, to show humility towards the universe, and in return, I was given a miracle. I’ve been able to sleep quietly and peacefully ever since.

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alice prayer






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