An Untroubled Heart

Hui Neng came to the Faji Temple in Guangzhou to speak as the Master of Inscriptions. The monks of the temple were quietly listening. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew the prayer flags hanging in front of the Buddha statue. Two monks saw and whispered to each other.

One said: “The wind is moving.” Another said: “It is not the wind moving, it is the spider moving.” Hui Neng saw their disagreement and said: “It is not that the wind or the prayer flags moving, your hearts are moving.”

To say that the wind moves or to say that the flags move, we only see the appearance of things, but we do not realize the reality of things. The mind is troubled, so as Hui Neng says, it is not the wind, not the flags moving, but is the heart noticing the motion. If a heart is not troubled and does not move, then you can turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to those things of mere appearance and will be able to grasp the root of things.

Image result for image of 悬挂的幡吹动了
The image is from 青藏高原上五彩的经幡

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