Making A Crisis Into A Favorable Turn


Making a crisis into something favorable is possible. A crisis can also be a turning point.

A young man is determined to be a pastor.
In the United States, if you want to become a pastor, you need to pass an examination, one of which involves public speaking.
The young man came half a month early to the testing center, and he stayed in a hotel room to prepare his speech.
After he had written the speech, he read it aloud in the room every day, until he could even recite it backwards fluently.


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The image is from Classroom | Synonym


He was well prepared and full of confidence to take the test on the day of examination. He picked up a random number, sat down, and listened to the speeches by the candidates before him.
There was one person before him, and he was surprised to discover that the presentation of the individual on the stage was the same as his!
Looking more closely at the person, he realized that the man had lived the hotel room next to his.
There was no doubt that the candidate had eavesdropped on his loud reciting in his hotel room, and had then plagiarized his speech.
The student tried to suppress his anger and panic, desperately looking for a way out.
Suddenly, a light came upon him; he found a way.
He went to the stage calmly and gave his speech.
His speech was received with warm applause, and he passed the exam at the end.
How did he do it?
Do you want to know how he did it?

This is what he said:
“To be a pastor, you need to be patient, able to listen, and capable of memorizing.
I will now demonstrate that I can repeat the previous speech word for word. ”
He began to recite the speech that he had practiced diligently. His speech was more exciting than that of the previous candidate, and the audience gave him warm applause.

This serves as an excellent example of making a crisis into a favorable turning point. It is done by staying calm and composed to deal with it at a time of peril.

Let Go Then You Will Gain


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The teacher asked, “What should I do if someone has to boil water and find that there is not enough wood for the fire to boil all the water?”

Some students answered:  “You should hurry and gather, borrow, or buy the wood.”

The teacher said, “Why don’t you pour some of the water out from the pot?”

The students were enlightened. All things cannot be completely wishful. Sometimes you have to let go to gain. We search for answers for our problems, but often it is not far away in the mountains but within proximity.


Happy Mother’s Day!


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Beautiful roses to all the mothers in the world!
























I was inspired to write this article after I witnessed the birth of a baby on Feb 24, 2010. I would like to dedicate it to my mom and the admirable mothers of the world.

Oh, mom! I love you!
When you burst out crying and used all of your strength to push
That was after
Eighteen hours on an empty stomach
Three hours of continuous effort
And overturning the doctor’s decision to do a Cesarean-section half an hour before
I finally came out to this world

Oh, mom, I admire you!
Even though with your hard and long efforts to push
There was no sign of my coming out with what little strength you had left
You still wanted to try for another half hour
You yourself are such a tiny girl,
but you have a giant heart of giving everything you have
To the unborn child of yours

Oh, mom, I am very sorry ,forgive me not being able to help!
I felt the pain inside of you
I could visualize the flow of your tears
I heard your cries
Yet I sensed the determination and love streaming from you
I knew then that love would prevail
That all the hindrances would melt away by the power of love

Oh, mom, I thank you!
Your effort was not in vain
I finally join you and daddy in your world
I burst out of crying
When the doctor gently opened my mouth with his love and kindness
When the nurse softly cleansed me
I cried feeling the love all around me

Oh, mom, I love you the most!
I wanted to proclaim to the whole world
I might not be born with a golden spoon
But for sure I was born with love
Unconditional love, sacrificial love
The most precious love
The love of my dearest mom

Oh, mom, I really, really love you!!!!!

Give Yourself A Cliff (continued)


At the end of the road, you can still keep going. Sometimes reaching that point makes you even stronger.

In the fields of Africa, sometimes you will see herds of antelopes start to run as lions and cheetahs start to chase them. Adult antelopes will lead the younger antelopes as they move, speeding like an arrow, towards steep mountains.

Image result for image of african antelope

Top 10 most elegant antelope species of the African bushveld – Part Two

Scientists often observe that the mountains that the antelopes run to are often very steep, bare, and jagged peaks. When chased, antelopes will head towards these places. As cheetahs and lions get close to them, the leader of the antelopes will leap away in a moment and lead the whole herd to the nearest mountain.

When adult antelopes run, they are like lightning, and even lions and cheetahs cannot catch them. Antelopes will simply keep moving, and even the cheetahs that dash are left behind.

Why would antelopes choose a steep mountain cliff when threatened? When a young antelope learns how to run, their stamina is not as great, and their ribcages are not well developed yet, constricting their breathing. Even if the young antelope runs as fast as it can, it can only jump forward about 3 feet at a time.

When a young antelope is lead by an adult antelope towards the mountains, with lions and cheetahs behind them, the antelopes face the cliff and no other way out. But because their bodies are very small and move fast, they will not injure themselves much on the jagged rocks as they move forward.

But the lions and cheetahs that chase them are heavy and large, and they often cannot catch up while on the rocks.

The young antelopes end up pulling their muscles because they are not yet developed but were needed for them to jump across the rocks. However, they recover quickly, and their jumping space increases as a result. The young antelope can now jump forward almost 4 feet at a time. Lions and cheetahs are unable to catch up with them. Through this, scientists finally understand why the antelopes give themselves a cliff.

You should give yourself and your life a cliff, and though it seems as if it is a dead end, it will improve you because that dead end might lead to a miracle or magic. Give your life a chance to make a miracle. Nature has its reasons as to why things are created the way they are. Lions are given strong, sharp claws to catch prey, but antelopes are given speed to escape. Adult antelopes lead young antelopes to mountains to develop them further so they can survive.

“Injury sometimes helps growth. Try to understand and get familiar with your strengths. To fully develop it will give you tremendous accomplishment.”

Give Yourself a Cliff



Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin

A man picked up a baby bird from the side of the road and decided to bring it home so that his son could play with it. His son put the baby bird together with chickens and raised them together.

Image result for image of baby eagle
The image is from The Salt Lake Tribune

As the bird grew up, the family realized that the baby bird was an eagle. Although the eagle got along well with the chickens, from time to time a chicken would be missing from the flock. The family began to suspect that the eagle had been eating the chickens. They asked the man to kill the eagle. The man was reluctant at first, but because of the pressure from his family members, he decided he would free the eagle instead of killing it. But no matter where he left the eagle, it always returned to his house.

Someone suggested instead that they bring the eagle to a cliff and just to throw it off. The man did so, tossing the bird over the cliff. In the beginning, the eagle was just like a rock – it dropped straight down, and just as it seemed like it was going to hit the bottom of the cliff, the eagle opened its wings and flew, higher and farther away until the man could not see it, and never came back.

Image result for image of eagles
The image is from US Fish & Wildlife Service – Migratory Bird Program | Conserving …

The eagle had wings, and when it was thrown over the cliff, it used them to fly. But when it was raised in the world of the chickens, all it ever knew was that birds did not fly. He never trained to fly, and he enjoyed the comforts of the henhouse. Gradually, he lost the will and the confidence to spread his wings. If no one had thrown him off of the cliff, he would have never flown and found the world that belonged to him.

A lot of times, we are afraid to face a cliff.

A great American jazz composer, George Gershwin, also encountered his own cliff. He had composed orchestral pieces before, but when band leader Paul Whiteman, who admired him, invited him to write a composition with him, he refused, thinking that he would not have time to do a good job on it. Later, he found an article in a magazine about Whiteman’s concert that declared Gershwin himself was currently composing the piece, even though he had refused before. Gershwin was shocked and confronted Whiteman, who said that what was done was done. Gershwin had no way out but to write the piece, which he hastily did in just five weeks.

Image result for George Gershwin
The image is from The Biography of George Gershwin | Teen Jazz Legends

What he wrote was “Rhapsody in Blue,” one of the most well-recognized orchestral jazz pieces in history. Because of it, Gershwin quickly became one of America’s most well-known composers.

Sometimes we need to be put into a position that gives us a sense of urgency so that we can be restored, and so our tree of life produces more outstanding flowers.

People are always reluctant to leave their comfort zone. They do not want to let go of what is easy. But if we ever want to have a breakthrough, we must understand that, at that critical moment, on the edge of the cliff, it is possible to get another piece of the blue sky.

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