The Voice-2:First Miraculous House

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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ─ Albert Einstein

With so many challenges that I was facing, I wasn’t able to see that miracles were happening in my daily life. After my first conversation with God, I realized soon after that he kept his promises and made them come to fruition. I will get into the details of these miraculous stories in my following articles.

After my husband passed away in July 1997, I decided to take a trip to my home country of Taiwan in an attempt to cure my depression. However, after spending three months there, I began to miss my family and therefore found myself yearning to move back to the states; The other part of me, however, dreaded the idea of going back to the same environment that my husband and I once shared. My children knew my intentions and decided to help me out by looking for a house for me in Orange County, far away from the familiar sights, sounds, smells and painful memories contained within our old home in Los Angeles.

Still in Taiwan, I received a call from my youngest daughter informing me that she had picked a number for the housing project lottery in Laguna Niguel. There were over 500 buyers wanting to get into a development with only 50 units. A lottery system was therefore set up to determine who would be granted the opportunity to buy one of the fifty homes. When she informed me that she had picked the number 69, I breathed a sigh of relief since I was not yet prepared to sell my house and purchase the new one.

When she called the very next day to inform me that, due to a combination of her friendly personality and a number of potential buyers dropping out of the race, we were offered a house, I was left feeling both excited and extremely anxious. How was going to come up with the money for a down payment when my house hadn’t even gone on the market yet?

Because I was in Taiwan, my daughter was in touch with my sister in Houston, TX who had graciously agreed to lend us half of the money we needed for a down payment. My best friend in Taiwan knew of my situation and offered the other half of the down payment as a gift. Within several days, we had the full down payment, and the house was in escrow. The beauty and ease in how it all came together filled me with immense gratitude, as did knowing that this was a special opportunity to begin a new chapter in my life.

After moving into the house, I began to recognize the many miracles it beheld. Upon walking into the house, I was instantly overcome by feelings of happiness. The house had high ceilings, big windows, and it was full of light and positive energy.


When I leased this house for rent, the first potential couple that wanted to move in so badly, they rushed us to move out. Later, the wife explained to me that the house address revealed that the home represented the number 9 from the perspective of numerology (4+1+4 = 9). She even showed me the description from the book, Numerology, by Juno Jordan. I have no idea as how Numerology works and I certainly not try to promote the numerology here. But the first sentence of the number 9 house from the book attracted my eyes, “If you love humanity, have no race prejudice, and can meet all classes of people, you will love this house.” It went on to say, ”giving something beautiful to the world, colored by a broad understanding of the need of others, can bring personal love that might be lacking otherwise. “ It ends with “A happy home for those who have the understanding of the brotherhood of man.”

It is not a coincident that I fell in love with the house once I moved in. It seemed that God had paved the way for me; He planted the seed of “loving humanity and having no race prejudice” long before I moved in. Once I made that house a home, the Voice told me to write a book in order to share the love, providing me with a new mission of “giving the most beautiful thing to the world.” Everything was the grand plan of the Voice.


It was within the walls of this home that underwent a spiritual renaissance, as it was within this home that I first became attuned to the Voice. Just as chapter 14 of Tao Te Ching says: “Approach it and there is no beginning; follow it and there is no end.” I’m overcome with joyous gratitude knowing that there’s been a plan for me all along – despite the pain and the hardship I’ve had to face and overcome. “There is no beginning and no end.” I am blessed to have this Voice to guide me, and I am honored to have an opportunity to share His blessings and miracles with others through my writing.

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