Trouble is the Wealth of Life

antelopes in Savannah
antelopes in Savannah

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A zoologist observed the antelopes on both sides of a river in the Savannah, noticing that their running speed and reproductive capacity were not the same.

The ones on the east bank of the river ran significantly faster than those on the west bank, and their reproductive capacity was also stronger. To explore the reasons, the zoologist put ten west bank antelopes on the east bank.

In a short period, he found that wolves had eaten most of the west bank antelopes, and there were only three left. That was the answer: the antelopes on the east bank were stronger because wolves lived nearby, and to avoid the wolves, they had to run faster and longer. The west bank’s flock was weaker because they lacked a group of powerful natural enemies, so they were hunted first.

So we need to thank the suffering, the competitors, and the troubles in our lives because, without them, we would not be nearly as powerful or intelligent.

Buddha said that affliction is but Bodhi, and because of trouble, we want to learn and grow. Because of competitive opponents, we then have the power to know how to struggle.

Some people are always afraid to face trouble and look forward to just staying in a comfortable and pleasant environment. Those who live a comfortable life are blinded from seeing the problem. Comfort will make us not to want to grow. So thank all the troubles and unhappy things in your life, because they are our teachers, and they show up in our lives to teach us wisdom.





这个谜底终于被揭开了,东岸的羚羊之所以强健,是因为它们附近生活着一个狼群。它们为了生存,天天生活在一种“竞争气氛”中,因而越活越有战斗力;而西岸的羚羊之所以弱小,恰恰是因为它们缺少天敌,没有生存的压力。 生存能力弱,所以越活越弱小,7只羚羊是被狼吃掉的。




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