Do You Know Feng Shui?

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Did you know? Feng Shui is not just for ancestral graves, and not just for the house.
What is Feng Shui? “Feng” in Chinese means “wind, ” and “Shui” means “water.”

“Wind” is the atmosphere and energy, whereas “water” implies the flow and change.

What is the principle of Feng Shui? As it says, “All laws start from the heart .” It is not complicated because the greatest truths are the simplest.

When we talk about Feng Shui, we need to understand how it relates to a person.
The first element in Feng Shui is the human being.
The first element of Feng Shui in the human being is the heart.
The second element of Feng Shui in the human being is the mouth.
The third element of Feng Shui in the human being is the behavior.

Think of human kindness, and the goodness of the others; we say that light gathers. The light moves upward and shows in your face. Because your smiling face is like a yuan bao (a Chinese token of wealth made of gold), and your mouth is shaped like a lotus, it is understandable that you would gain fortune.

If you think the worst of others, complain and act jealous, then you collect the chi of negativism. This negative chi travels down and gives you an unhappy face. It inevitably brings you bad luck.

Feng Shui is the source of filial piety worship. It is deeply rooted in it, and therefore it helps growth. It gives rise to the prosperity of your business and your family. You will always receive help, and everything will be flourishing for you.

On the contrary, if a person does not practice filial piety, he will not be able to hold a high position because he does not know how to respect the filial piety, colleagues, and in turn, all people. His daily life and work will not be smooth, he will encounter frustration in life again and again, and he will lose at crucial moments.

A blessed one lives in a blessed land. If you are blessed, then wherever your residence is, it will undoubtedly be a blessed place.

Therefore, the most important thing in Feng Shui is to change yourself and your heart for the good.  Any problems caused by Feng Shui, such as illness, will naturally disappear.

We all know Feng Shui can help you naturally, but you can also make Feng Shui work through your actions.

Image result for image of 蓮花

Image of lotus is from 台灣之美~2011桃園蓮花季

You will be blessed upon giving. Things will turn smooth upon gratifying. Likewise, you will have more luck upon helping others. You will be more self-content and have more joy. Those who avoid you will not be able to, and the more you share, the more friends you will make.

If you are angry, you will attract more disease;
If you take advantage of others, you will fall into poverty more and more;
If you give, you will accumulate wealth more and more;
If you are lazy and just like to enjoy yourself, you will suffer more and more pain;
If you like to learn, you will gain wisdom more and more.

To truly enjoy your blessing is to realize that you are blessed, and cherish these blessings, then continue to cultivate more blessings.
You must also love your friends and family.

Once upon a time, a person invited a master to check his Feng Shui. On the way, they saw birds were swirling in panic far away.

So he asked the master: “Let’s go back. From the birds, we can tell that the children are picking apricots in the tree, and if we do not go back, the kids may fall and get hurt. That would be a disaster.”

Therefore, Mr. Feng Shui told him: “I do not need to check your Feng Shui. You and your family will have a good and smooth life.” The man could not understand, so he asked him why.

The master told him: “Don’t you know? The best Feng Shui lies in human character!”

A good character comes from a kind heart. No wonder it says that the first element of Feng Shui in the human being is the heart.


The original text is from It is in Chinese.
I think this article will help the readers understand “Feng Shui” better, so I translated it into English to share with you. Hope you will enjoy this post.





















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