The Miracle of Generosity

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When I mention the occurrence of daily miracles occurring in our lives to my friends, most of them look at me disbelievingly. Honestly, not all of them believe in miracles at all, so to consider that they have a presence in our daily lives is beyond comprehension. Yet, I can say with 100% confidence that miracles are indeed constantly surrounding us – we just need to learn how to spot them. Instead of arguing with my friends, I offered the following story in support of my claim. Perhaps after reading it, you too, will start to believe in the power and ongoing presence of miracles.


The other day, a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a long time called to see if I had 30 minutes to meet quickly for a chat on her way to pick up her friend at the airport. Eager to see an old friend, I graciously accepted her invitation. She told me that she was very busy, and although she would only have 30 minutes, she was really happy for the chance to catch up. I arrived early; she was late. As I sat patiently awaiting her arrival, I saw her emerge from the crowd in the distance, rushing toward me. We embraced and sat down to chat when all of a sudden she received a phone call. Her friend missed her flight, causing her arrival from San Francisco into Riverside Municipal Airport to be delayed by one and a half hours. I thought to myself: what a miracle that we are given this opportunity to spend more time together. We took our time catching up with each other, sharing stories and making up for lost time.

Then I told her about the book I was writing. I mentioned to her that The Voice, or the divine, had tasked me with the mission of sharing my stories of hope and love with the world, but that I was having a hard time actually picking up a pen to write (especially having been a science major). I could tell that she was very moved to hear that, despite my insecurities, I was actually taking steps towards accomplishing this mission. She knew that I was writing not for the purpose of making money, but because I was attempting to share the power of love through the telling of my own life stories. With tears filling her eyes, my friend began to dig into her purse frantically. “Here,” she said, as she extended to me a blank check, offering to cover the costs of my writing expenses.


I can’t take her check, I thought to myself. My concern in taking the check was that whatever amount she would write on it would end up surpassing my expenses. She knew that I was honest after having known me so many years, but as I declined her check, she decided to find another way to help me out. So she dug into her purse again, this time grabbing her wallet, a piece of paper and a pen. Then, she did the unfathomable; she wrote down her credit card information and then handed me the piece of paper. I was in complete shock. For one thing, who hands out their credit card information so freely? I’m not her sister, her parent, nor her child. She just sat there calmly writing and told me that from now on, I could charge all of my editing expenses to her card. Still in shock, I picked up her credit card information and thanked her for the trust and belief she placed into me and my mission.


After listening to this story, my miracle-disbelieving friends couldn’t help but agree that this was indeed a miracle. Not only did I require some sort of financial miracle for the book to actually happen, it also was a miracle that someone would ever offer up use of his or her credit card. Even beyond that was the fact that this credit card information only made its way into my hands because another miracle had to happen first: we were given the gift of the time needed to begin discussing my book when her friend missed her flight. It seems one miraculous event can lead to another.  

Deep inside of me, I knew that the risks my friend took in providing me with her credit card information was just further confirmation that my book beheld bigger purpose: My stories and words will have the ability to both help and heal people. Her extreme generosity provided me with the assurance and encouragement I needed to make this book happen. Her generosity was a miracle.

Yes, indeed miracles are there if you are willing to accept them into your life. Once you start to welcome their power, I guarantee you that they will continue to find you, ceaselessly and countlessly.

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