Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

Life will always be a little disappointing
Destiny is unfair, society is cruel, and love is gone.
I want to strive to make a good life for my family
But I feel powerless from time to time

In the face of various disappointments
Some people have complained, were lost, been confused and become numbed
And even give up on themselves
While some people choose to stay and face it
After realizing the truth of life, still love it

Those who see the light in their hearts and their eyes
Can always have ordinary or difficult days and live the tenderest of all


1) Under a bridge in Xi’an, a homeless man creates art

Although he did not have any formal teaching, he uses his brush to paint the beauty from books and his memories

The soul has nowhere to set, so he chooses to wander
Although material is scarce, the spirit is rich,
Enough to let the man overcome his old sadness.


2) In the labor market, a drillmaster does calligraphy in his spare time, stroke after stroke, so focused that the noise from men playing cards next to him do not disturb him.

There is a quiet heart, and there are lotuses everywhere

3) A man who often came to the library to read books, and carefully washed his hands many times before sitting at his desk and turning the pages quietly.
His name was Wei Zhao, and after his death, people realized that he had been quietly donating to poor students all his life.

4) A scavenger, a grandfather, is studying seriously on the subway.

How cute to see the way he reads his book

5) Victoria of Brazil, a middle aged mother who raised her children by collecting junk, was admitted to Brazil’s most prestigious institution after self-teaching using the books that she found in
garbage dumps.


6) At the door, a young mother lights a candle and sings a happy birthday song to her child


7) A house suddenly caught fire, but the parents escaped with their children. They watched their burning house, and it was too late to save the house when the fire engines came. The father told the family: “The house can be rebuilt, what is most important is that you are safe. We can not change, we should just face it.” So the family took a happy group photo in front of the burning house.

When we have each other, then we have a home.


8) A dog disabled in a car accident faced euthanization if no one adopted her.

Until she met Mike, a man who went through the same misfortunes as her, so she and Mike became close friends.

Life is not perfect, but no difficulty can bring us down.

Think positive, and do not fear sadness.


9) On the street corner at late night, a little boy squatted at a wooden table, doing his homework diligently by the light from the restaurant nearby. Five years ago, his house was destroyed by a fire and his father passed away. His mother begged for a living, but he still loved to study, despite the hardships of life.

Life is hard, but please have faith.


10) A boy who was learning to play the flute had no audience, but a little black cat appeared to be in love with it.

“Ah…actually, I do not understand, but I wanted to accompany you.”


11) One summer afternoon, a father who had not come home for a long time had a serious afternoon tea and dance with her.

Every day, every meal deserves to be taken seriously and gently


12) After the war, a teenager was quietly reading in the doorway of a bombed bookstore. There was chaos around him, but his heart was still.

In an age when most people are rushing down the road, be a person who occasionally looks up at the stars.



Maugham said in “The Moon and Sixpence” that I had tried my best to live an ordinary life, which was probably the fate of the majority.
However, in this lifetime, some people have been looking down to the ground for sixpence, while some people have looked up to see the moon in the sky.
As to the bored life, some people choose to accept fate, but the heart of those who don’t paint a flower in a dull life, and draws poems from suffering.
What is more important than life is attitude and life style. The person who loves life, regardless of the fate of his cards, always tries to play fairly.
There is no such thing as a rich life, but you can try to put down the book and take a long afternoon nap.
Otherwise you may not have time to park your car and leave a footprint in the path of the waves of the maple trees, nor you can make time for playing chess to enjoy the temporary break.
When you start to live your life seriously, you will find that meals and your vegetable are really good, and you won’t be complaining anymore. You will only be in awe of life.
Whatever the world does to you, may you be as brave and hopeful as ever.


Note: The original Chinese text was from QQ_shijuezhi. It is rather long, so I took the liberty to pick major sections to translate into English here. May you find time to enjoy this article.

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