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Indian Dish
Indian Dish

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An Indian man, Kumar, went to the Sabrina Hotel in Kathmandu to order a meal. He decided to sit down by the window. When the meal was delivered, he saw two pairs of eyes staring at the food on his table outside the window.

The eyes belonged to two kids who made a living collecting recycling materials to sell. Kumar waved to them to come in and asked them what they wanted to eat. The boy pointed to the dishes on Kumar’s table, and Kumar ordered two identical sets of dishes for them.

When the hot dishes were served to the children, the younger sister politely pulled on the sleeve of her brother’s coat and said:

“Maybe we should wash our hands first!” So they all washed their hands first and then quickly ate the delicious food in front of them.

Kumar, too, was happy as he watched the siblings’ expressions of satisfaction. The little brother and sister got up after they had finished, thanked him politely, and left.

Kumar asked the waiter for the bill. However, when he received it, he saw that there was no price on the bill. Instead, there was only a sentence that made Kumar start crying:

“We can’t bill for human decency at the cash register.”

The original Chinese article is from kitt4232002.pixnet.


印度一男子库玛(Kumar)到加德满都Sabrina饭店点了餐后,便选了靠窗的位置坐下,当餐点靠近时,他看到窗外有两道视线紧盯着自己桌子的美食 ……






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