Miracles Through Shifting (Dr. Wayne Dyer’s examples)

Wayne Dyer
Dr. Wayne Dyer (photo courtesy of Whipps Photography) (PRNewsFoto/Hay House)

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After Dr. Wayne Dyer’s passing, a friend or a family member started updating his Facebook page daily with some of his most famous quotes. I then started to visit his page for a daily dose of Dr. Dyer, as many, many did. It seemed we couldn’t get enough of his teachings. He has touched the lives of millions of people and has raised millions of dollars for various schools and public broadcasting networks. I am one of many who can attest to how much impact he made in the lives of others while he was here on earth. Thinking about his life and his wonderful accomplishments, I believe it all started with the shift.

I remember him sharing his life story during a workshop I attended last June. The first story that he mentioned was how he made the tough decision to turn down a tenure-track position at St. John’s University. His original intention was to accept the offer, but as he was on his way to meet with the Dean of the school, some force lured him into pulling over to the side of the street to reconsider. When he met with the Dean later that day, he delivered the news that he would not be accepting the position and that he was instead going to part ways with the University to pursue his writing career.

Those familiar with the world of academia know that tenured positions are the dream. When I heard his story I instantly knew that this shift must have come from somewhere divine for him to have given up on the promises that come with tenure: Respect, privilege and of course, food on the table to feed his children. Such a shift required him to face uncertainty rather than certainty – which is perhaps the scariest feeling we encounter in this life. Forty years later, I’m sure he was glad he found the courage to shift his life. His readers and students could never thank him enough for his decision. While his family and friends may have considered his decision crazy and unbelievable at the time, I’m sure they, too, are thankful he made the shift.

In this same workshop I attended with Dr. Wayne Dyer, he also told us about his book Erroneous Zones. It is about how, one day, he went to visit his father’s grave to curse him and blame him for a difficult past. He was led to return to the grave a second time, only this time, his anger was replaced by love. He let love flow through him, providing him with not only the strength to forgive his father but to love him as well. Because of this shift from hatred to forgiveness to love, his life changed for the better. With the healing that took place through this shift, he was able to move on and finish his book in two weeks. I believe it was by allowing himself to forgive and feel the love that he was able to connect with the divine and subsequently find inspiration to finish his book. This book has been translated into 47 languages, selling more than 80 million copies around the world.

Miracles happen all the time, and they do happen through shifting. Whenever we are faced with a decision we are unsure of, the best bet would be to follow our heart and our soul (and sometimes even our body, too) because they connect us with the divine. We may not always know what’s best for us, but divinity does – all we have to do is learn to trust and His miracles are ours for the taking. As we can learn from Dr. Wayne Dyer and the legacy he has left behind, sometimes having the courage to shift can not only change our lives but the lives of millions of others as well.

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