Wake up!


Wake up!

There are so many troubles in this world that many people ask Buddha the same question: “What should I do to stop worrying?”

Buddha always gives the same answer, “You can stop worrying if you let go.”

A man thought he was smarter than the Buddha and was not convinced, so he went to the Buddha and asked, “There are thousands of people in the world, and there are thousands of kinds of troubles. But the solution you give them is exactly the same. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

The Buddha was not angry, but asked the man, “Do you dream when you sleep at night?”

‘Of course, I do! ” the man replied.

“So, do you dream the same dreams every night?” asked the Buddha.

“Of course not,” the man said.

“You sleep a thousand times and dream a thousand dreams,” the Buddha smiled and said, “But the way to end a dream is the same. Wake up!”

When the man heard Buddha’s answer, he was speechless.











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