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Now, when I think back, I’m not sure how I survived these past many years that I’ve been working this job. This shift was a turbulent one, but somehow, I managed and handled it. I’m proud to say that not a single work day passes when I don’t go visit the doctors – and I always do so with a smile on my face.

In the end, this job has proven to be a great fit not only for my personality and newly discovered skills in marketing, but also because the work schedule has allowed me to explore my other passions.  With a completely self-designated work schedule, I have been able to juggle a wonderful career in acting, as I can schedule doctor visits around audition times. Additionally, I make sure I get a healthy dose of writing and dancing in every week, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. People are surprised at all I am able to do within one week, but I’ve discovered that the key to this perfect balance in my life was having the courage to make a shift. I shifted outside my comfort zone, out of my normal routine, and in return, my potential has grown exponentially. And of course, with an abundance of personal growth and positivity has come an abundance of miracles.

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And the miracle of getting to find my true self, as The Voice said I would, sprung from several prior life shifts as well. My family’s decision to follow the flow and move from Alabama to California has turned out to be the “shift” that keeps on giving. From that one event, it seems an endless amount of tiny miracles have flowed into my life.  All I can say is God, or whatever higher power resides within, presents us with opportunities to shift all the time. All we need is the courage to accept His challenges, and from that, we’ll receive countless miracles.

Our thoughts are vulnerable to change and shifts, just as a sailboat is susceptible to the wind.

But, as the wind eventually helps guide the sailboat, “shifts” move our minds in the right direction as well. Do not be afraid, because as long as you have the courage to journey onward, the the higher power at be will make sure you shift in the right direction. And always remember that while the sky may be full of dark clouds at times, those clouds promise rain, and the rain promises a rainbow – a sure sign of the many miracles waiting for you straight ahead.

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