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The photo(left) is taken by Thomas Chen. Photo(right) is from “Stone View” at Huntington Library, California.

Recently, I saw a post in one of my doctor’s offices about the meaning of love. It is a very comprehensive description, I’d like to post it here as a reminder to us.

Agape 純愛

caring, 關心的
active, 積極的
disciplined, 有紀律的
giving, 給予的
respectful, 尊重的
understanding, 理解的
obedient, 服從的
patient, 耐心的
kind, 仁慈的
humble, 謙遜的
faithful, 忠誠的
protective, 保護的
meek,   溫順的
forgiving, 寬容的
trusting, 信任的
accepting, 接受的
sacrificial, 犧牲的
perfect, 完善的
rejoicing in the truth, 真理的喜樂
serving, 服務的
unconditional, 無條件的
eternal, 永恆的
hopeful, 有希望的
satisfying 滿足的
divine  神聖的
volitional 自主的
thoughtful 體貼的

Love is both an action and a feeling. Please do not forget to take action to express your feeling of love.

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