Can You Imagine…..

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Can you imagine…
A moment before, I was dancing Zumba, followed by yoga.
I was going on with business as usual.
But the next minute, I could hardly move because of a severe back pain.
I started to realize that life is unpredictable and impermanent.

Can you imagine…
I thought that I was in perfect health.
Nothing would bother me.
Yet, when the unbearable pain hit, I could only lie there helplessly.
Only then did I understand that I was unbelievably weak.

Can you imagine…
I thought I was capable of doing anything.
But when I was struck by this unforeseeable sensation of pain,
All I had left was a little strength to beg for the mercy of God.
My humble wish was for this awful nerve pain to be taken away.

Can you imagine…
Going through this agonizing pain,
I knew I would surpass it,
Because I still have dreams to realize.
That faith and belief helped to sustain me through this process of suffering.

Can you imagine…
When all help from many doctors seemed to fail,
And all medications also seemed ineffective,
When all means had been tried but to no avail,
I was not afraid because I knew there was a lesson to learn.

Can you imagine…
Going through this persisting distress,
I found the pain so terrible that I often burst out crying.
It was then I grasped how much suffering others have endured.
It was then I could enter their feelings and really have sympathy for them.

Can you imagine…
When I thought I had no way out,
The God of the universe prepared an angel for me —
A western doctor who went to China to study acupuncture 10 years ago.
Seeing me suffer so much, she stepped in to help wholeheartedly.

Can you imagine…
When I need help the most,
Someone appears to lend me a helping hand.
She did not care whether I paid her back, nor did she ask any questions.
She simply treated me; she simply wanted to stop my misery.

Can you imagine…
I missed Thanksgiving dinner.
Yet God gave me the greatest gift to be thankful for this year —
This doctor’s unreserved love.
Yes, it was her unconditional love that gave me hope.

Can you imagine…
After three weeks of being tormented by this dreadful pain.
Today I can finally use my right hand to go online,
And write this article about
Unconditional love — God wants me to receive it, experience it and spread it to the world.


This was the most painful experience that I have ever encountered. The pain was the result of a car
accident that I was in more than a year ago. I was rear-ended when I stopped at a red light, but never
could I have imagined that the impact would be so great.

Here I would like to thank those of you who have sent me inspiring and encouraging replies to my
articles. Also, I appreciate very much the suggestions you have offered. I am still in recovery, and I
apologize for the late response. I do promise that I will keep trying to write more articles.

May we do a little for someone who is in need and put a smile to people we meet during this holiday
season. May God bless you and your family.

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