Three People Went Out

Three people went out; the first one carried an umbrella, the second one had crutches, and the third one was empty handed.

On their way back, the first one got wet even with his umbrella; the second fell and got hurt even with his crutches, but the third one was all right.

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Because the one carried an umbrella and walked as if it was not raining, the rain soaked him. Because the second one walked on the muddy road with his crutches as if the road was not treacherous, he fell all the time. The third had nothing with him, so he was careful – he tried to avoid the rain; he trod down the muddy road carefully, so nothing bad happened to him.

Moral of the story:

Most of the time, people do not fail because they have nothing, but they fail because they are too confident in what they have.

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