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As we walked along the shores of Laguna Beach one day,
“What is LIFE?” asked the inner child.
Well, my child,
Some people say: it is a dream…
Until the time when you wake up.
Some people say: it is a play…
When they finish the script, the curtain comes down.
“What do you mean?”
The inner child scratch her head
Her eyes were puzzled

Suddenly, a huge tide came rushing to the shore.
Look, see that tide in front of us
I yelled for her to be able to hear my voice
“Oh, yes , I see it,” she yelled back.
Great, Life is like the tide.
It is up and down like the wave
Look, it went all the way up and then it came down.
“Yes, I see it,” she nodded.
Watch carefully now
Look at this wave
It goes up, pauses a little then comes down
“No, no I can only see the up and down.
I did not see the pause.”
Try it one more time, I encourage her patiently
Finally, she says: I got it.
Life is like a wave,
Up, pause a little, then down.
But then she shakes her head again, her eyes still puzzled.

Sitting in the back of the car as I drove,
Inner child sat there quietly, thinking
Still the same question: “What Is LIFE?”
We waited in front of the red light
Suddenly, the light changed before my eyes
Child, I got it.
Life is like a journey going through
RED LIGHTS and GREEN LIGHTS on the street
Again, again and again
Red light… suffering, grief, losses, sadness…on the bottom of the world
Green light… success, abundance, happiness…on the top of the world
It seems that I have too many red lights in my life
I started to sob.

A voice comes down very softly:
It is good to have green lights
But it is necessary to have red lights
Don’t always paint the picture from sad to happy
Red lights just give you and me a chance to “stop”
You will miss out on the precious things in your life
If you never stop.

Do not just pray for the green light for you to go forward
Ask for the red light, so you can stop and have time
To look around… to appreciate life… to meditate… to grow.

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