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Wait to Take Action


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Most of my colleagues were very excited because a new manager transferred to our department. We had heard that he was capable, and he had come to reorganize the business, but after a few days, the new director had done nothing. He showed up at the office politely every day, but just stayed in his room and hardly came out. Seeing that he did nothing, those with bad motives who were initially nervous about his coming became bold and more rampant.

“He is not that capable, just a nice guy. It is easier to fool him than the former manager!”

Four months later, as people continued to feel disappointed towards the new manager, he suddenly took action – he fired all the bad employees, but he promoted the diligent personnel. After taking such a quick and precise action, he seemed to be an entirely different person.

At the year-end dinner party, the new manager gave a speech after everyone had filled and emptied their glasses three times:

“I believe that you were confused by my subdued action when I first came here, and then when I made sudden decisions for the office. I would like to tell you a story so that you will understand why I did so. I have a friend who bought a house with a huge yard. After moving in, he immediately cleared the whole yard. Then he planted new flowers throughout. One day, the original owner came to visit him, and he was shocked to see the yard, asking, “Where are the expensive peonies?”

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Then my friend realized that he had thought the peonies were weeds and had removed all of them.

Later he bought another house, and although the yard was messy, he did not take action right away. And sure enough, the plants he thought were weeds blossomed in the spring. Likewise, the plants that flowered in the summer were what he thought were weeds in the spring. The small trees stood there quietly for half of a year and then began growing beautiful foliage in the autumn.

He waited until late autumn to make sure that he had seen all the plants and recognized the useless weeds and removed them. That way, he could preserve all of the flowers and trees.”

The manager raised his cup and continued:
“Let me toast to everyone here. The office is like a garden; you are all precious flowers. And flowers can not blossom throughout the year. Therefore we can only recognize it after long-term observation!”

An Honest Man

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I did not quite understand the quote above until my friend sent me this Chinese article (, which I have translated into English. It turns out that this interesting story totally echos what Captain Jack Sparrow said.

A single bank accountant, thirty years old, worked ten years and never took any leave, was never tardy, was dedicated to his job, and never made any mistakes. He was so genuine that all his colleagues called him “honest man.” This honest guy had only one wish, and that was to travel around the world, but he was a salaried person who did not earn much extra money from his job, just enough to make ends meet.

One day, he took leave and the next day he was not at work either.

His boss and colleagues were anxious. How come a person who never took a day off, did not come to work? They feared that he had encountered an accident, as he lived by himself, and no one knew what had happened to him. They failed to reach him by phone, so they decided to pay a visit to his home.

The unexpected event caught people off guard. On that day, the bank audited and found that this honest person had transferred $100 million of funds from the company, and took the money.

Everyone was surprised by what had happened; no one believed that the honest man had done it. Some people even worried that he had been kidnapped in order to steal money. It was a major event, and they had to call the police for help.

A week had passed, and the police were trying to do everything possible to find him. Suddenly, he went to the police to admit his wrong-doing. He admitted that he stole $100 million. Knowing that he could not live a life as an outlaw, he decided to surrender.

This was an easy case, so the police asked him to hand over the $100 million in stolen money, then they can plead to the judge on his behalf. But the honest man said, “I confessed my crime, so I surrendered, but I can not tell you where the money is. I plead guilty.”

“Did you give it to a woman? Did you steal money for her? Do not be fooled, once you are in jail; she will run away with the $100 million.”

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“No, no woman at all.”

“You can not imagine what could happen in prison, give back the money, let us help you to plead to the judge! You know what you did wrong, why not pay the money back?”

“I know that I am guilty, and I know that I should be punished, but I can not tell you where the money is.”

As a result, the judge sentenced him to fifteen years.

After deducting holidays, he was only in prison for thirteen years. He was a model inmate; he read a lot of travel books, he also taught other prisoners how to read and write books.

Time flies, and finally, the honest man was released from prison. The boss had retired, but he could not forget the honest man. He wanted to know what had transpired, and where the stolen money went. But just as he was thinking about it, the doorbell rang, and he opened the door to find the honest man standing in front of the door with a bag.

“I came to realize that I let all of you down, and I intend to give back the $100 million to the bank. Boss, can you go with me to the bank?” So the stolen $100 million was finally returned to the bank after he was in prison for 13 years.

Later, in the first class section of an airplane, the honest guy held a cup of red wine and read the travel magazines, on his trip to Paris, then to Iceland, and then to pay a visit to Russia.

The flight attendant asked him: “What do you do that you can travel around the world at such a young age?”

He laughed: “I invest. Do you know how much will you receive with one million dollars bonds that bear 6% interest after 13 years? It is a total of $239.29 million. It is more than 139 million after deducting it from 100 million. It is easy going around the world with the money from interest.”

The flight attendant replied, “How can I get $100 million dollars?”

The honest guy said calmly: “Go borrow it, but remember to return it. Then you will be qualified to be an honest person.”

Photos That Will Melt Your Heart


Life will always be a little disappointing
Destiny is unfair, society is cruel, and love is gone.
I want to strive to make a good life for my family
But I feel powerless from time to time

In the face of various disappointments
Some people have complained, were lost, been confused and become numbed
And even give up on themselves
While some people choose to stay and face it
After realizing the truth of life, still love it

Those who see the light in their hearts and their eyes
Can always have ordinary or difficult days and live the tenderest of all


1) Under a bridge in Xi’an, a homeless man creates art

Although he did not have any formal teaching, he uses his brush to paint the beauty from books and his memories

The soul has nowhere to set, so he chooses to wander
Although material is scarce, the spirit is rich,
Enough to let the man overcome his old sadness.


2) In the labor market, a drillmaster does calligraphy in his spare time, stroke after stroke, so focused that the noise from men playing cards next to him do not disturb him.

There is a quiet heart, and there are lotuses everywhere

3) A man who often came to the library to read books, and carefully washed his hands many times before sitting at his desk and turning the pages quietly.
His name was Wei Zhao, and after his death, people realized that he had been quietly donating to poor students all his life.

4) A scavenger, a grandfather, is studying seriously on the subway.

How cute to see the way he reads his book

5) Victoria of Brazil, a middle aged mother who raised her children by collecting junk, was admitted to Brazil’s most prestigious institution after self-teaching using the books that she found in
garbage dumps.


6) At the door, a young mother lights a candle and sings a happy birthday song to her child


7) A house suddenly caught fire, but the parents escaped with their children. They watched their burning house, and it was too late to save the house when the fire engines came. The father told the family: “The house can be rebuilt, what is most important is that you are safe. We can not change, we should just face it.” So the family took a happy group photo in front of the burning house.

When we have each other, then we have a home.


8) A dog disabled in a car accident faced euthanization if no one adopted her.

Until she met Mike, a man who went through the same misfortunes as her, so she and Mike became close friends.

Life is not perfect, but no difficulty can bring us down.

Think positive, and do not fear sadness.


9) On the street corner at late night, a little boy squatted at a wooden table, doing his homework diligently by the light from the restaurant nearby. Five years ago, his house was destroyed by a fire and his father passed away. His mother begged for a living, but he still loved to study, despite the hardships of life.

Life is hard, but please have faith.


10) A boy who was learning to play the flute had no audience, but a little black cat appeared to be in love with it.

“Ah…actually, I do not understand, but I wanted to accompany you.”


11) One summer afternoon, a father who had not come home for a long time had a serious afternoon tea and dance with her.

Every day, every meal deserves to be taken seriously and gently


12) After the war, a teenager was quietly reading in the doorway of a bombed bookstore. There was chaos around him, but his heart was still.

In an age when most people are rushing down the road, be a person who occasionally looks up at the stars.



Maugham said in “The Moon and Sixpence” that I had tried my best to live an ordinary life, which was probably the fate of the majority.
However, in this lifetime, some people have been looking down to the ground for sixpence, while some people have looked up to see the moon in the sky.
As to the bored life, some people choose to accept fate, but the heart of those who don’t paint a flower in a dull life, and draws poems from suffering.
What is more important than life is attitude and life style. The person who loves life, regardless of the fate of his cards, always tries to play fairly.
There is no such thing as a rich life, but you can try to put down the book and take a long afternoon nap.
Otherwise you may not have time to park your car and leave a footprint in the path of the waves of the maple trees, nor you can make time for playing chess to enjoy the temporary break.
When you start to live your life seriously, you will find that meals and your vegetable are really good, and you won’t be complaining anymore. You will only be in awe of life.
Whatever the world does to you, may you be as brave and hopeful as ever.


Note: The original Chinese text was from QQ_shijuezhi. It is rather long, so I took the liberty to pick major sections to translate into English here. May you find time to enjoy this article.

Making A Crisis Into A Favorable Turn


Making a crisis into something favorable is possible. A crisis can also be a turning point.

A young man is determined to be a pastor.
In the United States, if you want to become a pastor, you need to pass an examination, one of which involves public speaking.
The young man came half a month early to the testing center, and he stayed in a hotel room to prepare his speech.
After he had written the speech, he read it aloud in the room every day, until he could even recite it backwards fluently.


Image result for image of giving a speech for examination
The image is from Classroom | Synonym


He was well prepared and full of confidence to take the test on the day of examination. He picked up a random number, sat down, and listened to the speeches by the candidates before him.
There was one person before him, and he was surprised to discover that the presentation of the individual on the stage was the same as his!
Looking more closely at the person, he realized that the man had lived the hotel room next to his.
There was no doubt that the candidate had eavesdropped on his loud reciting in his hotel room, and had then plagiarized his speech.
The student tried to suppress his anger and panic, desperately looking for a way out.
Suddenly, a light came upon him; he found a way.
He went to the stage calmly and gave his speech.
His speech was received with warm applause, and he passed the exam at the end.
How did he do it?
Do you want to know how he did it?

This is what he said:
“To be a pastor, you need to be patient, able to listen, and capable of memorizing.
I will now demonstrate that I can repeat the previous speech word for word. ”
He began to recite the speech that he had practiced diligently. His speech was more exciting than that of the previous candidate, and the audience gave him warm applause.

This serves as an excellent example of making a crisis into a favorable turning point. It is done by staying calm and composed to deal with it at a time of peril.



Please click the link below for Chinese version of this post.


My Life Story (4): Is it a “bomb” or “blessing”?


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I have undergone so many trials. Whenever something happened to me, it reminded
me of Job in the Bible. Job was a righteous, devout, faithful man. God allowed Satan
to afflict Job to test his faithfulness. As a result, many tragedies were visited upon
Job. In the end, however, God blessed Job with twice as much as he had had before
his trials began. One thing that sticks in my mind was that even though God put Job
in the hands of Satan, He stipulated one condition: that Satan must spare Job’s life.

Yes, Job’s life had to be spared. Then, after his trials were over, he could bear
witness for God and receive His double blessing. It was wonderful that it never
occurred to me to kill myself even when these trials came upon me, one after
another, nonstop. I knew clearly, as a mother, that I had no choice but to live. Yes,
sometimes it might have felt like a bomb exploding in my heart, breaking my heart
into pieces, but I had to live. So I went on with my life. Remaining alive, I was able to
experience results I had not anticipated and thus learn whether it had really been a
“bomb” or, rather, a “blessing” in disguise.

Let me tell you why I use the shocking word “bomb.” After my husband passed
away, I went to his office to clean out his things. I found a box in his bottom drawer.
It contained a ring and a picture of a girl. I was stunned by my discovery.


Sitting there, I felt as though the earth had stopped turning. I felt numb. How I wished I were non-existent! How I wished I had not been born! “I wish… Oh, my goodness, I wish …” I did not know what to wish. My whole being was frozen. My thoughts were frozen. “Oh God, please help me….”

What I soon realized I wished for was that my late husband could come back to life, if only for five minutes, so I could ask him what was going on. Of course, it was impossible for him to come back, and then suddenly, awakening from my paralysis, I had an idea –the best way to get to the bottom of the mystery would be to ask my husband’s best friend for details.

I went all the way to Canada to see him, only to receive this reply: The girl was their high school classmate. He added that whoever came to the United States first would suffer. He implied that I came to the States first and married his friend, so I suffered. What a cruel thing to say! He was unkind, and he did not want to give me any details. No matter how desperately I wanted the truth, I could not get it. He had no empathy; my hope to get to the bottom of the issue vanished.

Returning to Boston, I knew I had no one but myself to rely on. I thought through the whole incident. Apparently, my husband had intended to propose to that girl, but I got here before her, so he married me instead. He never gave me any sign of having another girlfriend. He apparently knew I would have left him if I ever found out.

Why did it happen? After analyzing our interaction, I calmed down, and I could not blame him for what he had done. A month before he departed for the U.S. to begin graduate studies, we had been quarreling all the time. It was because my parents did not approve of our relationship. I felt pressure from my parents and passed it on to him. Maybe he could not take it anymore and tried to find a way out by finding a new girlfriend.

The past is past, and I told myself that I had to let go of this agony. I needed to deal with it so my children and I could get on with our lives. One Sunday I locked myself in my room and for the last time read his diary, which detailed our activities when we were together at the university. I read and read … I cried and cried. And then I burned it. I said good-bye to my husband, good-bye to my past. And I felt relieved.

But still this bomb had exploded and broken my heart in pieces. If I had not had this marriage, I might have spared myself all these hardships. I felt sad and tried to escape my torments. At this time, we were looking to buy a house. I started to notice a change in my daughter following her father’s death. She told me I did not need a house with a family room. I asked her why. She told me it was because we were not a family. I suddenly realized that her schoolmates were teasing her because she did not have a father. I needed to come up with a solution.

At about this time, some friends from New York came to Boston and wanted to get together with me at a Taiwanese Association meeting. I had not been going to any social activities since my husband’s death. But to see my friends, I ended up joining their dinner party. There I met a man, Ming, who later became my husband. He was two years older than me. We had met earlier at the university in Taiwan. He then got his Ph.D. in Canada and was doing a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University at the time we met again in Boston. He was kind, considerate and had a big heart. He loved me very much and accepted my children as his own. I thank him for giving my children a loving, trusting and reliable father.

So is it a bomb? Or is it a blessing in disguise? I am grateful that I did not surrender to all my trials and give up my life. I gave myself a chance to see whether it was a bomb or a blessing. Just like Job, who lived to receive a double blessing from God. I thank my late husband who gave me a present – a box with a ring and a girl’s picture. He helped me to get out of my own box and let go of him so I could have a life of my own for my children and myself.

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