We Are Inconvenienced for Three Hours


The image is from https://www.travelnote.com.cn/korea/play/train-travel-stamps.

On a train ride to visit her family, a woman and her husband booked tickets together. But when they boarded the train, they saw that a woman had been sitting in one of their seats. The husband motioned for his wife to sit down next to the woman while he stood for the entire train ride.

He did not ask the woman to move seats. Upon closer examination, he saw that she was physically challenged. Realizing this, the wife understood why her husband did not ask the woman to move. But the train ride was 3 hours long, and she felt sorry for her husband who did not sit. She told him, “I know it was a good deed, but it was such a long ride. You should have asked her for the seat.”

He replied, “She has been inconvenienced her entire life. For me, it was a mere three hours.”

We can ease the pain of others by being kind. It may be inconvenient, but it is just for a short time. How lucky are we to be able to offer that sort of help, that kind of love?



他没有要求那位女士让座。经过仔细查看,他发现她的身体有残疾,行走不方便。妻子也看到了,明白了为什么丈夫没有要求女士还她座位 。但是坐火车要3个小时,她为没有坐的丈夫感到难过。她告诉他:“我知道这是一件好事,但这段路程太长了。你应该向她要那个座位的。”

他回答说: “她行走不方便是一辈子的事。而我不方便只有三个小时而已。”


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