Red Envelope Story


The week of Chinese New Year, my younger daughter and her family drove us up to Pismo Beach to meet my older daughter and her family and celebrate together. It was so much fun to enjoy the beach, and the kids and I had fun riding dune buggies. As a Chinese New Year tradition, I also gave each of my grandkids one red envelope with money inside.

A few days after we came back, my older daughter called me to check whether my granddaughter had left her envelope in my bag. When she asked me, I happened to be with my younger daughter. I told my younger daughter that I didn’t think I had it because I had already given it to the kids and each one had one. My younger daughter told me that it would be nice to say that I found it and just to give her another red envelope instead.

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When I came home, I emailed my older daughter and told her that I had found the envelope and that I would mail it to her. She replied that I could just give it to her the next time we met. That night, my son came back late, but I was so happy as I told him the whole situation. It was a good feeling to do something like this, even though I hadn’t found the envelope. I liked being able to say that I had found it so my granddaughter wouldn’t be sad about losing it since I told her mom to take them out to use the money to buy whatever they wanted.

As it turns out, the next morning when I was cleaning the table, I came across several red envelopes. For curiosity’s sake I opened one of them, and surprisingly, I found money inside. I realized that it was the lost envelope that had somehow come back to me. I told my son the night before about how good it felt to give someone good memories, but as it turns out, it instead helped me not to fall short of the expectations of my granddaughter. Life is strange.

A lot of times, when we are selfless and think about others, the good deed comes back to us.

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