Miracles Through Love

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(Translated Article for Love of Little Boy for his Uncle, the original text is in Chinese.)

                  The true God is the love of human beings!

Once there was a little boy named Johnny with a dollar in his pocket who went from store to store in search of something specific to spend it on. In all of the stores, the little boy asked the owner, “Do you have God for sale?” Believed to be a young prankster, he was kicked out of almost every store. However, the owner of the 29th store received the little boy very enthusiastically.


This image was taken from LA art show om January 28, 2016.

The owner of the store was about 60 years old with grey hair and a kind face. He smiled at the boy and asked, “What do you want to buy God for?” Before providing an answer the boy tearfully explained that his name was Johnny and that his uncle had raised him after his parents passed away years ago.

He proceeded to explain that a few days ago his uncle, who was a construction worker, suffered a major accident when he fell from a very high construction site. The doctor had told Johnny, “Only God can save him.” Johnny took this quite literally, believing that if he could buy God, then his uncle could recover.

The owner of the store was so moved by Johnny’s story and asked the little boy how much money he had. Johnny replied, “one dollar.” The owner said, “one dollar is just enough to buy God.” He picked up a drink with the label “Kiss of God” and gave it to Johnny. “Take this and your uncle will recover after drinking it.”

Johnny was delighted, clutching the drink close to his chest like a treasured possession. He went back to the hospital and told his uncle, “I bought God so you can recover soon!”

Several days later, a team of doctors and specialists arrived at the hospital and started trying all kinds of treatments to help save his uncle.They adopted the most advanced techniques to treat his uncle’s injuries and, eventually, they were able to save his life.

When his uncle was discharged he almost fainted when he saw the hospital bill. Much to his surprise the hospital told him that an old man had already paid for everything. They revealed that he was also the same man who had hired the team of specialist doctors to save him. They said that the old man was a billionaire who had recently quit his job as a CEO of a large, international company to open a small grocery story.


The uncle was touched. He took Johnny to go thank this old man who had so graciously sold the God drink to Johnny, but the man had already sold his grocery store to travel the world. Later on, the uncle received a letter from the old man that read, “Young man, you are so lucky to have Johnny as your nephew. In order to save you, he took one dollar and went everywhere trying to buy God…Thank God he saved your life. May you always remember that the true God is the love of human beings.

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