Wuhan, We Are Waiting For You

flower of hope

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“You may feel alone now, but the world stands with you.” An uplifting message in song for the fight against coronavirus.

Belgian pianist Jean-François Maljean has composed a song, “Chime of the Dawn Bells,” to show support for the fight against the novel coronavirus.
Hubei chime-bells, a bronze percussion instrument, are used in Maljean’s new song.
The music video includes the scenery of Wuhan before the virus outbreak. And video footage of doctors and nurses who are working on the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus.

The following is the translation of François Maljean’s Chinese monologue-

“The night has left, the dawn arrives.
The sky awakes with the chime bells.
Cherry blossoms are blooming in the warm breeze of Spring.

Wuhan, we are waiting for you.”



音乐录影带包括病毒爆发前武汉的风光, 以及与冠状病毒战斗的第一线工作的医生和护士的录像



A pop-up event in the City of London
British youths sing anti-epidemic songs to cheer Wuhan

On the evening of February 28, local time, the Chinese chamber of commerce in the UK and the city of London jointly hosted the charity event with the slogan of ” United We Stand to Fight Against the Virus.”

Singing across borders and with faith in the fight against the epidemic in the city of London guildhall, fifteen young students and British musician Phoebe Haynes performed the charity song “CHIME OF THE DAWN BELLS.” composed by Belgian pianist Jean-François Maljean. Each line of lyrics expressed the urgent desire of Chinese, British and Belgian people from all sectors of society to unite and work together to overcome the epidemic.

伦敦金融城上演快闪活动 英国青年唱响抗疫歌曲为武汉加油



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