What Do You Really Own?

A man died, he started to realize that human life is short. At this time, he saw the Buddha coming towards him carrying a box.
The Buddha said: “Okay, let’s go.”
The man said, “So soon? I still have a lot of things left unfinished.”
Buddha replied: “I am sorry, but your time is up.”
The man asked the Buddha: “What is in your box?”
The Buddha said: “It is your relic.”
The man said puzzledly: “My relics? Do you mean my things, clothes, and money?”
The Buddha said: “Those things are never yours. They belong to the earth.”

The man asked again: “Is it my memory?”
Buddha said: “No, they belong to time.”
The man guessed: “Is my talent?”
The Buddha replied: “No, they belong to the circumstances ”
The man asked: “Are they, my friend and family?”
The Buddha said, “No, child, they belong to the journey you have traveled.”
The man asked: “My wife and children?”
The Buddha: “No, they belong to your heart.”
The man said, “So it must be my body.”
The Buddha said, “No, your body belongs to the dust.”
Finally, the man affirmed: “That must be my soul!”
The Buddha smiled and said, “My child, you are wrong. Your soul belongs to me.”

The man’s eyes were filled with tears, and he took it from the Buddha’s hand and opened the box – it was empty!
He burst into tears and asked the Buddha heartbrokenly, “Didn’t I ever have anything?”
The Buddha replied: “No, there is nothing in the world that truly belongs to you.”
The man asked: “So, what is mine?”
The Buddha: “Every moment you live is yours.”

It is true that life is just a moment, we have to live for it, love it, enjoy it!! The living is victory, earning money is just a game, health is the purpose, and happiness is the truth!

To cherish the people around, don’t dispute, don’t grudge, to talk nicely to one another, to understand each other! Because each person’s time in this world is getting less and less, they will eventually be separated from each other.

Our lives fly fast, don’t waste it, don’t sigh unreasonably, don’t haggle over every ounce. Live well, and pass each day in the future!

The original Chinese article人死燈滅時,能帶走什麼 is from https://kknews.cc/history/anz4xxx.html

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